Facebook Ads Targeting – Target Audience With Your Facebook Ads

Do you need help in targeting people who love your business? Or do you what to learn more about where your business has been effective the most? In the meantime, Facebook offers various business tools in which business owners can effectively run ads. The Facebook ads targeting one of the powerful insight tools that allow you to know people that are highly interested. Or are exactly right for your business to shows ads to them. Hence, it’s more like Facebook insight. With that, you can see various features of people that are interested in your ads.

Facebook Ads Targeting - Target Audience With Your Facebook Ads

Presently, over 2.3 billion active users visit the Facebook platform every month, and 2 billion every day. Knowing the right people to advertise to can be very difficult and time-wasting. Therefore, the Facebook ads targeting give you a clear demographic character of people of different kinds that are desperately in need of your business. Some demographic characters include age, gender, relationship status, and lots of others to shows you ads. However, there are various means of Facebook ads targeting which we’ll be showing you below.

Facebook Ads Targeting- Reach your Core Target Audience

However, the Facebook core audience is one of the selected tools of Facebook ads targeting which provides you with assistance to the right audiences to see your ads. Also, it offers you different characters of people you can see your ads either ages location, hobbies and others. Core audiences are based on the following target.

  • Location:  Offer your data of people in cities, communities, and countries that require your services the most
  • Demographic: this has to do with people you can reach out to based on age, gender, education, and lots more.
  • Interests: You can also showcase ads to people based on their interests and hobbies that want your ads.
  • Behavior:  Allows you to choose audiences according to their prior purchase behaviors as well as devices usages and others activate there are involved in.

Also, Facebook ads targeting can be reach based on people connected with various features on Facebook such as the Facebook page and events.

Facebook Target Audience- Connect with People you Already Know with Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook Ads Targeting is built based on the history of customer data which makes it a lot earlier to reconnect with those that already show interest in your business. Also, this comes with existing targeting of customers in other to drive sales and foster relationships on & off Facebook. 

  • Contact lists: In this project you to use the data from the CRM system to reach out to customers as well as customer contact lists. 
  • Site visitor: You can launch the Facebook pixel on your website to set up an audience of people you’ve already visited your site.
  • App users: Also, you can install the Facebook SDK in your app. To set up an audience of people who have visited your app.

Moreover, there are also similar features such as Facebook Lookalike Audiences and Audience Insight. This allows you to learn more about your audiences. And stand the chance of reaching people at a very fast pace. 

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