Facebook Ads Manager App – Create and Manage Ads on Mobile Devices

Creating Ads on Facebook isn’t the only thing you have to consider as an advertiser. However, running ads on Facebook requires a lot of timing and meticulousness for you to know when you’re needed or see how well the performance of your ads has been over a couple of weeks. As an advertiser or business owner, it’s very important to spend time on the mobile device in other to manage your Facebook campaigns with the newly released Facebook Ads Manager App. You can control and manage your ads from any time anywhere around the world.

Facebook Ads Manager App - Create and Manage Ads on Mobile Devices

In the meantime, the Facebook ads manager app is an application subjected to advertisers in other to stay connected with their ad performance, manage ad settings, and others anywhere they are. With the app, you can easily create another ad and track ads to know what platform, location, gender, age, and behaviors of your ads perform the most from your mobile phone.

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Facebook Ads Manager App- Benefits of Using the Ads Manager app on Mobile Devices

However, over 800,000 advertisers make use of the Ads Manager mobile site every month. In other to provide convenience and accessibility launched the ads Manager app. Perhaps, you want to see the insight into your ads or set up a new one, the app gives advertisers to most effective and powerful management tools to control as well as manage your ads from anywhere. With the app, you can:

  • Above all, see insight analytics that helps to understand what location, time, age, and other features that your ads are performing the most.
  • Also access real-time result to customize, control, edit and even deactivate ads even after it has been published.
  • Access special features such as split testing, notification, and also weekly summaries that help you to improve your ads.
  • Access more ad creation features perhaps if you want to create and publish ad images.

Besides, all that you can do on the website, you can even do it better and conveniently on the app. However, the Facebook ads manager app is accessible on IOS and Android devices, you can see the below process to install the app.

Facebook Ads Manager App- How to Download the Ads Manager for iPhone and Android Devices

Certainly, the Ads Manager app gives you the ability to become an advertiser on your mobile phone. However, the app is compatible with iPhone devices (iPhone 4S and higher) iPad, and Android version 5.0 and higher. Therefore, to install go to the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store and search for the Facebook ads manager app.

Also, aside from using it for ads, if you have a business page, you can boost posts, get insight on your page performances in the app.

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