Duolingo Chatbot – Learn Language App | Duolingo Languages

Are you a traveler, or are you a businessman, woman who loves to travel around to different countries? Are you looking for the best way to learn the language, then you can use the Duolingo? with Duolingo chatbot you will be able to learn different languages online and live. This Duolingo chatbot currently works for users who want to learn French, Spanish, and German. The company promises it will add other languages soon. Duolingo has an app that can be used on your Android device or iPhone which you can download using either of the two mentioned app stores.

Duolingo Chatbot - Learn Language App | Duolingo Languages

Given that the Duolingo chatbot intelligent resides in the cloud, however, you will have to be connected to the internet to use this feature. the chatbot allows for a degree of flexibility in your answers that most language learning software simply is not designed for. With the Duolingo chatbot, you will be able to learn the languages easily. As we all know the main reason people learn languages is to have conversations using the Duolingo chatbot will help you a lot in your language learning. Duolingo has launched a paid subscription service designed to give language learners a leg-up. Paid subscribers will gain a couple of advantages over free users, all while keeping Duolingo in business.

Duolingo chatbot – How to Download the Duolingo on Your Phone

IOS Device

The IOS device is devices such as the iPhone, or any Apple device, to download on your IOS/Apple device follow these steps below:

  • Choose the course you’d like to download in the ‘Offline Courses’ section, tap ‘Download’.
  • Once downloading, you can tap ‘Manage’ to bring you to the offline dashboard with all your active courses. You can view the download progress here.
  • Once successfully downloaded, you will see a green checkmark in the ‘Downloaded’ section. You can go offline and complete your lessons in the app.
  • If you would like to delete the downloaded course, please tap the trashcan icon. You will be prompted with a confirmation message.

Chatbot For Android Devices

  • Go to your Google Play Store and locate the search box at the top
  • Type the keyword into the box “Duolingo’’
  • Then click on the install icon to download the app
  • The apple will be downloaded in a few minutes depending on how strong your network is

You can also follow these steps below:

  • Choose the course you’d like to download in the ‘Available for Download’ section, click the Arrow icon.
  • You’ll be prompted to choose if you’d like to auto-update with Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi/data.
  • You can view download progress (%) in the Plus tab or in your device’s notification menu.
  • Once successfully downloaded, the course will be in the ‘Downloaded’ section.
  • You can then go offline and complete your offline lessons in the app.

NOTE: for you to download the application you will need a working internet connection to download lessons. You may also see slight differences across Android and iOS devices

How to Use the Duolingo Chatbot

Using the Duolingo chatbot is nothing much, I know you will want to get to know how to use this app. Don’t worry I will be giving out the tips on that, which will enable you to learn using the app on your device or desktop. You can do that using these steps below:

  • Open the app or the site
  • Select the language you wish to learn
  • Now choose the time you wish to study and click on continue
  • At the top right side click on create a profile
  • Then follow the instructions to fill the details required and click on create account

Your account will be available, you can now start the lesson by clicking on the Learn icon at the top right side of the page.

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