Dropbox App – Download Dropbox App for Windows, Android, and iPhone

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If you have been searching for an App for your Mobile or Desktop operating system. That enables you to manage and organize your Personal or business file. Then, the Dropbox App is the perfect suggestion for you. You probably have heard of Dropbox which is also referred to as Cloud service. It is one of the oldest and popular file hosting service providers. Well, this cloud service platform aside from the website also has an App for Desktop, iOS, and Android users. What then is the Dropbox App and how do I download the Dropbox app?

Dropbox App - Download Dropbox App for  Windows, Android, and iPhone

Dropbox App is an app that helps to bring all your files together in one folder on your device. It allows you to transfer files to your cloud and also enables you to share them with your family and friends. This app also helps to back up and sync docs, photos, videos, and other files to your cloud storage. Also, with the Drop box app on your Windows, Mac, Linux, or mobile device you can access all your files anytime and anywhere. You can also access your Gmail mail with the aid of the Drop box App. Meanwhile, check the outline below for the features of the App.

Features Of the Dropbox App

The Dropbox app for desktop or Mobile users provides you will all the features you can access on the Dropbox platform. The app comes with several features which you will find intriguing. Also, this app is one of the most used Apps by many people all over the world. To organize and manage their files and also due to other features it provides. Below are the Features of the Drop box App:

  • It enables you to access any file in your account both offline and online.
  • Automatic Upload of files like videos and photos from your camera roll to your cloud storage.
  • This app also enables you to share videos and photos
  • It helps to Scan Documents, Receipts, and more using your mobile device and transform them into high-quality PDF.
  • Also, with the dropbox share link, you can easily send large files using the App on your device

Another feature of the Dropbox app is that it syncs files on your PC or Mac to your Dropbox with the computer back. This enables you to recover or restore deleted files from your cloud storage.

Download Dropbox App

If you are a user of the Dropbox platform, and you don’t want to access your files through its website. Then, you should download the Drop box App.  Meanwhile, downloading the Dropbox App on your Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems is easy. Downloading the App is absolutely free, You can also create and log in to your account with the aid of your Device. Below are the processes to download the App on your Desktop and Mobile device.

Dropbox For Android and iPhone

  • Visit your Play store or Apple store
  • Search for the Dropbox App
  • Then, the results of your search will appear
  • Hit on the Install or Get button
  • Launch and open the App on your Android or iOS device.

Dropbox Desktop App Download

  • Open your Desktop web browser
  • Visit the official website www.dropbox.com
  • Then, navigate downward and click on the Dropbox Desktop App
  • Then, you will be redirected to the download page
  • Click on the Download button
  • Then, Install, Launch and grant the App permission on your software

Note that, the Drop box desktop App download processes are for Windows, Linux, and Mac users only. So, if you are making use of any of these systems you can download the App on your respective device, following the Desktop download process above.

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