DoubleTwist – Download Double Twist App for Windows and Mac

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There is no doubt, that there are various music players on the internet today. However, many android users, are searching for an adequate iTunes-like music player. As you know, iTunes is only available for iOS, windows, and mac but not for android users. But not to worry, DoubleTwist is that adequate iTunes music player available for all android users. The music player is often described as the iTunes for Android, which brings you music, radio, and podcast anything and anyway. The app is available for free and requires no registration to access its functions on your device. You can also opt-in for the double twist pro which also comes with amazing features too.

DoubleTwist - Download Double Twist App for Windows and Mac

Furthermore, DoubleTwist sync is also compatible with your iTunes and windows media player. And also, enables its users to sync pictures, music, movies, and playlists to their mobile device with the use of USB. However, you might be wondering how does it work? DoubleTwist automatically scans and syncs your windows media player library, iTunes library, and your music files for available media and playlist. Double Twist is indeed one of the best music players for android users, and it is safe to use. The media player, also have some unique Products for all its users, continue reading to discover these products.

Products of DoubleTwist

Meanwhile, DoubleTwist has some products, which all the users of the platform are entitled to. These products are what makes the media player stand out among other android media player. As stated earlier, the media player is similar to the popular media player for iOS “iTunes” although the with little difference. Nevertheless, below are some of the products of DoubleTwist download:

  •  CloudPlayer: This double twist product, allows you to stream and download music from Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. The CloudPlayer also comes with features like airplay support, Chromecast Support, Cloud streaming in FLAC, and much more. The product can be gotten from Play Store.
  • Classic Player: This product allows you to manage your music and podcast. You can also get this product on your android device from Play Store.
  • Sync: Using this double twist product, allows you to sync your pictures, music, and movies from your window through the use of USB or Wi-Fi to your mobile device. This product is available for free download on your windows.
  • Alarm: This product allows you to use your favorite song as an alarm. The alarm product can be gotten from the Play Store.

Another product of DoubleTwist is the Recorder. The Recorder allows you to record iTunes audio and audio stream on your desktop. This is available for windows users; you can download the free trial and can also purchase to unlock the app on your window. You can also check out the double twist store.

DoubleTwist Download

The music player application is available for only android users, iOS users cannot download this app on their device. However, you can download the app on your windows and mac. Downloading the app is quite easy you can download the free version or the double twist pro version on your devices.

Double Twist App Download for Android

The DoubleTwist music player for android has two versions, you can download either download the free version as earlier said or the DoubleTwist pro app on your android. The latter requires you to pay $0.24 dollar. However, this pro version comes with amazing features, you can check it out. Here are the steps to download the app on your device:

  • Go to your Play Store
  • Search for the DoubleTwist app using the search box
  • Click on Install

Then, launch and an open the app on your device. Also, tap on “ALLOW” to enable the app access all movies and music files.

How to Download Double Twist for Windows

Here are the steps and guidelines, to download the DoubleTwist on your windows:

  • Locate your desktop web browser
  • Visit the official website www.doubletwist.Com
  • Click on the Sync product
  • Scroll down and then, tap on “Download Free windows”

After you click on the download free windows, immediately the app will start downloading on your window. To complete the process, allow the app run on your window so as to access you’re your files.

Download DoubleTwist for Mac

Meanwhile, for Mac users, the platform allows you to share and copy files on your mobile, gaming, photo, and audio devices with your mac, you can also browse through your media and play them anything. DoubleTwist for mac works with your phone, MP3 player’s camera and so much more. Here are the steps to download on your Mac

  • Download Double Twist on your Mac device with a higher vision of OSX, OSX 10.5.
  • Then, download the disk image which will be automatically mounted and will be installed on your windows.
  • Double click on the application folder and launch the app.

Then, to complete the process, open the downloaded application by clicking “OPEN”. However, the end-user license agreement will also be displayed, click on “ACCEPT” to finalize the download process.

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