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Are you frustrated by looking for websites to stream movies? Or you might just be looking for a movie website to stream free movies, and to mention, not just low-quality movies but high-quality, HD movies. DooMovies has got you covered with a variety of movies ranging from drama, comedy, action, and so on. You can be sure to get what you want on this website, all for free!

DooMovies - Stream Free Movies Online

DooMovies, although a great website for downloading or streaming all of your favorite or latest movies, is a torrent website and is also infamous for leaking movies just as they are released. It produces high-quality videos for its users and comes with a friendly user interface.

Features on DooMovies website

The DooMovies website is pretty easy to access. You can either type out DooMovies on google or type out the URL on your google chrome to access their website.

On the DooMovies website, you’ll see a range of features that will help you navigate their website easily and search for any movie you might be looking for. Let us take a look at these features one after the other and what to expect in each of them;


The DooMovies home page is the page that shows all the features available on the website all for your convenience. The home page displays some sets of movies already, with their ratings and movie summaries, so as to know what to expect. It also shows movies that have been recently added to the website. The home page is also very detailed, it displays a variety of movies with their video quality.


When you are looking to watch or download a movie on the website, all you need to do is click on the movie bar. This feature helps you streamline your search to only search for movies, not seasonal movies or TV shows. The movie bar alone contains a wide range of movies. However, it still has all genres of movies in it.

Top IMDb

This feature can also be referred to as the most watched feature. Top IMDb shows you the movies in the order in which they have been most watched. This feature is great because it helps you select movies just in case you don’t have a clue as to what to watch. You can click on the top IMDb feature and check out movies and their ratings.

2023 Movies

This feature contains only 2023 movies, it even shows how recent the movies are down to the month they were released. You can also check their ratings just by clicking on them to help you make a more informed choice.


The genre feature just makes your search easier. After clicking on the movies feature you can then go ahead and click on the genre feature just on the top bar to help you streamline your search to your desired genre of movies.

Not everyone likes romantic movies or action movies etc. we all have our individual preferences when it comes to movies, so with this genre feature, we can search for our choice of movies easily and fast.


On this feature, you can make a request for a movie you will love to see on the website. If, during your search, you didn’t find the movie you were looking for, you can click on the request feature. On the right-hand side of the screen, click on Add New and type in your request for either a movie or TV show.

The request feature also shows different movies that have been requested by other people. With the help of these features, you should be able to navigate through the website easily and also maximize the website.

Is DooMovies Safe?

As mentioned earlier, the Doomovies website is not considered safe because they do not host these movies. In some countries, this act is punishable by jail time and other measures. Basically, all movies streamed on this website are pirated movies.

Similar Websites like DooMovies

There are several other movie websites that you can use to either download or stream movies for free. Here are a few of them:

We’d be glad if you can check each of the aforementioned websites to see the features they offer. Mind you, there is a dark mode feature on DooMovies that gives it a minimalistic interface.  

How to Stream a Movie on DooMovies

Follow these simple steps to stream any movie of your choice;

  • Launch your device’s browser, preferably Chrome and visit the DooMovies website.
  • On the home page, either scroll through to search for your movie of choice or type out your movie name in the search toolbar.
  • Click on the movie and click “play,” and you are ready to stream your movie.

Although these steps seem very easy, ensure to avoid ads that pop up from time to time. If you mistakenly click on an ad in the process, just close it and continue.

However, movies on DooMovies are not downloadable yet but we are hopeful that is included soon. So here you go, you can now enjoy movies for free on the DooMovies website. All you need to know concerning the streaming of movies has been simplified for you on this article.

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