Delete Facebook Dating Profile – How to Deactivate Your Dating Profile on FB

How can I delete my Facebook Dating profile? If you reside in a country where Facebook Dating is available, chances are that you will have a Facebook dating profile. Probably you’ve been trying to delete your Facebook Dating profile but always getting stuck anytime you’re trying to do that. Congratulations, because this article will give you the perfect answer to that. There are however different reasons why you may want to delete your Facebook Dating profile.

Perhaps you created a Facebook Dating profile while you were single but have now found your perfect match. Or you’ve found a better dating app or Facebook Dating is not matching you to those you like. Whatever the reason may be, you can delete your Facebook Dating profile conveniently from your device. Deleting a Facebook profile is not as difficult as many think. At first, Facebook is a platform that is easy to understand so I don’t see any reason why deleting an account on it should be complicated.

However, there’s also a ‘’Take a Break’’ feature on Facebook Dating which does not permanently erase your account but only prevents you from getting new matches. So, to prevent you from reading through many lines of the article, let’s dive into what brought you here.

How to Delete your Facebook Dating Profile

Mind you, to delete your Facebook dating you must have the Facebook app on your mobile device. This is because Facebook dating is only compatible with the Facebook app. Know that deleting your Facebook Dating profile does not delete your Facebook account. But when you delete your Facebook account, your Dating account will be deleted on FB. Deleting your Facebook account is pretty easy by carefully following the guidelines below;

  • At first, launch the Facebook app on your mobile device.
  • Click on the three horizontal lines at the top of your news feed.
  • Tap Dating from the options.
  • Click the setting icon at the top right corner.
  • From the Settings menu, click on the General icon.
  • Under the Account section, click on ‘’Delete Profile’’
  • Facebook will ask you for the reason why you are deleting dating profile and how they can improve. That field is compulsory anyways.
  • After stating the reason, click on ‘’Next’’
  • You’ll be asked to ‘’Take a Break’’ instead of deleting your profile.
  • But if you’d rather delete your profile, click on ‘’Delete Profile’’
  • Finally, confirm the obliteration of the account.

There you have it! Your Facebook dating profile has been deleted. Deleting your account automatically deletes your dating answers, likes, matches, and conversations. If you carefully follow these steps, you’ll delete your account without any hassle.

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