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Create Gmail Account: As an internet user, you might have come across a thousand times the name Gmail. You might be wondering what the platform does, how to use it, what’s the benefit of creating an account with them. Whatever your question is, don’t worry any longer. In this article, I will state the primary purpose of Gmail and how to create a Gmail account.

Create Gmail Account - Make a Gmail Account | Create New Gmail ID

Gmail is a search-based email service provider, which is open and accessible from a web browser in any part of the world as long as an internet service provider is set in place. It a free email service provider launched by Google in 2004. Gmail is just like any other email service provider, it offers a free basic service to use for its new registered member and it is more than sufficient and accessible for most people’s needs. The platform also has an advanced package paid for to Google office by Business people who need an upgrade to their account for special services like powering their website email and providing Google services for their domain.

About Gmail Account

Google’s Gmail maintains the top leaders of the world’s most popular email provider. The number of users on the platform is now ranging from more than 1.5 billion users. This is so because Gmail remains one of the best free email providers. Google’s Gmail offers free 15GB storage and also possesses a friendly user interface that allows a better, faster and more interactive web application. Since Gmail is owned by Google, registered users on Google can have easy and quick access to all other Google products like Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Hangout, Google Calendar, and many more. All this can only be accessible after you have created a Google account and this can be done by performing a Gmail sign up.

How can I Create a New Gmail Account?

To create a new Gmail id or account you will have to sign up for a Google account. When you make a new Google Gmail account, it gives you access to the Google World. To get started follow these steps to create a Gmail account;

  1. Visit www.gmail.com
  2. Click on Create account
  3. The Sign-up page will appear. Fill in the blank page as instructed; enter your First and last name
  4. Create a username of your choice that will appear as your Display name both on your Gmail account and other Google products (Youtube, Google Docs, etc).
  5. Input your preferred password, create a strong password that is at least 9 characters long to keep your account secured.
  6. Input your Date of birth; day, month, and year in the provided box.
  7. Select your Gender (Optional)
  8. Input your Mobile phone number.
  9. Input your current email address in the provided box. You can decide to select an existing email address of yours. To do that, select I prefer to use my current email address option located at the bottom of the Username box (if necessary).
  10. Select the Next button. Agree to Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to continue
  11. After that, select the I Agree option, then you’ll see the Verify account page. You’ll receive a text message from Google containing a Verification Code. Input the code to complete the account verification.

Select Continue Option. A series of instructions for your Gmail account will be provided, get to the end of it, and select on Go to Gmail Option. Finally, a Welcome note is displayed on your screen Congratulations Your Gmail Account is ready for use.