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What is Collision Insurance? Collision Insurance is a coverage that helps to cover the cost of your vehicle if it gets damaged in an accident. It is an auto coverage that helps to protect drivers in an accident. When the vehicle has an accident, Collision Insurance helps to pay for the damage, and it will also cover damage from potholes.

In recent times, Auto Collision is very normal and common. Even the safest driver may have to deal with hitting another vehicle, object, or pothole and this is where Collision coverage comes in. Collision coverage makes it very easy to replace and repair your vehicle instead of covering the damages yourself

Furthermore, Collision coverage is very important and unlike other types of insurance, it can be expensive. However, Collision coverage cost also depends on multiple factors and driving history. Also, the most interesting part is that you can make use of Collision coverage if you are at fault or not.

Although it is not required in any state in the U.S, it is very important to purchase this insurance. Do you want to know what collision insurance covers? All you just need to do is follow this article to the end. that is because I will enlighten you more about collision insurance.

What Does Collision Insurance Cover?

Collision Insurance covers any form of damages made to your vehicle when it makes contact with another object, whether it is your fault or not. The object can be another car or things like a pole, a house, fence, or tree. It also covers damages gotten from a single-car accident including rollovers or flips. Also in some states, collision insurance covers hit and run accidents.

What is Not Covered by Collision Insurance?

Although collision insurance covers damages made to your vehicle, there are times you might not be able to rely on it. The below are what your collision policy will never cover;

  • Damages to another person’s vehicle
  • Damage form an accident with an animal or pedestrian
  • Damages from fire, weather or any natural disaster
  • Injuries cost for anyone injure in another car or in your car

However, if you want insurance that covers the above, you can go for other coverage options. You can go for Liability insurance for example. But the collision insurance will always cover any form of damages made to your vehicle

Best Collision Coverage Companies

Below are the best insurance companies you can go to for your collision insurance, check it out;

  • Geico
  • Protected Auto
  • Allstate
  • AAA
  • Progressive

The above has the best coverage policy you can ever ask for. Just go to the companies and apply for Collision insurance. What are you waiting for? Insure your car today from any form of damages and secure your own life at the same time. Just like I have stated above, whether it is your fault or not the collision insurance covers it.

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