CNY 2022 – When is Chinese New Year 2022

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Chinese New Year also known as Lunar New Year is a festival that marks the beginning of a new year. This is based on the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. It is celebrated by Chinese people, non-Chinese people, and the Sinophone communities worldwide. Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival in China and some other parts of Asia.  The Chinese New Year involves lion dances, fireworks, family meals, dragon dances, giving red envelopes, visiting friends and loved ones, and decorations. CNY 2022 will be observed on February 1, 2022, and its zodiac sign is a Water-Tiger.

CNY 2022 - When is Chinese New Year 2022

CNY 2022 is a very important holiday in China. This festival will be celebrated in China and in some other parts of Asia. The Chinese New Year is connected and linked to several myths. It is a festival to pay tribute to deities and ancestors. During the Chinese New Year 2022, families will clean their homes in order to get rid of bad luck lingering around and put-up red-colored decorations to scare away Nian who is a mythical beast who is believed to eat people on the Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year.

The lunisolar Chinese calendar regulates and decides the date of the Chinese New Year. This calendar is also used in countries such as Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam, and Taiwan. CNY 2022 fell on the second new moon after the winter solstice. Since the Chinese New Year 2022 zodiac sign is a Water Tiger, it is said that any person born in this year will take on the traits of the Water Tiger which are open-minded, calm, careful, ambitious, and less aggressive.

What Food Will Be Eaten on Chinese New Year 2022?

On Chinese New Year 2022, lucky foods will be eaten with friends as well as families or relatives. Here are some of the lucky foods which will be prepared and eaten on the Chinese New Year 2022. Since the festival is almost close and around the corner, preparations are made for the food which will be consumed on that day.

  • Niangao.
  • Dumplings.
  • Spring rolls.
  • Fish.
  • Fa Gao.
  • Steamed Chicken.
  • Fruits and Vegetables.
  • Noodles.

And Sweet Rice Balls. All these dishes will be served at the CNY 2022 festival.

How Will CNY 2022 Be Celebrated?

CNY 2022 will be celebrated just like other years. The same traditions will be maintained and observed. The Chinese New Year 2022 will involve fireworks, firecrackers, red decoration, dragon dance, red envelope gifting, eating delicious meals as well as visiting and celebrating with friends and families. Also, on Tuesday, which is when the Chinese New Year 2022 will take place, best wishes, as well as good fortune, will be wished to everybody.

How Long is the Chinese New Year 2022?

The Chinese New Year 2022 will be observed and celebrated for 7 days. Therefore offices, shops, factories, etc. will be closed down until the festival comes to an end.

What Does The Food on CNY 2022 Represent?

The CNY 2022 food is highly symbolic. The serving of two whole fish and saving one for leftovers represent surplus in the new year while serving a whole chicken represents prosperity and wholeness. Serving items such as spring rolls which look like gold bars represent wealth.

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