Clydesdale Gold Mastercard – Apply for Clydesdale Bank Gold MasterCard Online | Eligibility Requirement for Clydesdale Credit Card

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The Clydesdale gold Mastercard is a credit card issued by Clydesdale bank. Clydesdale gold Mastercard is designed to help users of purchase items at any convenient time and payback to their credit card account at monthly intervals. Also, it gives you the option of transferring from other providers credit or store cards, or even overdraft. The Clydesdale bank partners with the CYBG banking group which owns Yorkshire bank and recently purchased virgin money. Though, CYBG is the purchaser, virgin money will be the bank that will remain while the Clydesdale bank and Yorkshire bank are retired.

Clydesdale Gold Mastercard - Apply for Clydesdale Bank Gold MasterCard Online | Eligibility Requirement for  Clydesdale Credit Card

Clydesdale bank offers non-business customers an option of two cards. If you are looking to spread the cost of a large upcoming expenditure, transfer an existing balance to save an interest or avoid transaction fees on overseas spending. A Clydesdale gold Mastercard is worth taking a look at. As one of the Mastercard network, Clydesdale bank gold Mastercard is accepted is accepted in over 43 million locations across the globe. In addition, cardholders have to access to exclusive entertainment and travel experiences through the Mastercard priceless cities program.

How Clydesdale Gold Mastercard Works

Clydesdale gold Mastercard users enjoys contactless and mobile payments through the apple pay and Google pay and get access to the Mastercard priceless cities. As well as enjoying special events and offers all over the world. The Clydesdale gold Mastercard provides the virgin credit card a run for its money. The virgin card has been at the top with a sixteen-month 0% balance transfer period over the year. Furthermore, Clydesdale and Yorkshire card offers 0% on all buying’s for the first three months. Meanwhile, a 3% balance transfer fee applies. At the end of the 16th month, the card will revert to a typical APR of 16.9%.

The introduction of the Clydesdale gold Mastercard comes as a new research reveals the number of interest free deals on credit cards virtually back to the levels seen in the summer of 2008. On the contrary, the 0% deal is not the solution after a tough couple of years for credit card providers according to The gold Mastercard from Clydesdale and Yorkshire is a very good deal for those looking for an extended 0% balance transfer deal in order to pay down debts with incurring interest charges. There is also access to the experts at Clydesdale who are on hand 24/7 and users can revel secure online shopping with Mastercard secure code. Which prevents the illegal or unauthorized use of your card online.

What Clydesdale gold Mastercard offers

This amazing credit card offers a lot of amazing benefits. Clydesdale offers market leading 0% interest promotion for cards spend, and for sending a balance from a different credit card company. Hence, let’s dive into some of its benefits.

  1. Clydesdale gold Mastercard offers interest free periods on both existing credit card debt that you transfer to the card on opening, and upcoming purchases you make using the card.
  2. All Clydesdale bank credit cards are enabled for contactless payments up to £45.
  3. If you are the type that travels frequently, you can benefit form the 0% foreign transaction fee on purchases excluding cash withdrawals of the B card. Also, you can enjoy access to Mastercard priceless cities events and offers.
  4. Clydesdale bank uses the Mastercard network. In other word, you can make use your card in over 35 million locations across the globe.
  5. Secure: They keep you safe using the latest chip anti-fraud technologies, and extra security checks for online purchases.
  6. You will enjoy up to 59 days interest free on all purchases when you pay off your balance in each full month.

In addition, you can enjoy easy payment options including direct debit. Likewise, add up to 3 additional cardholders who will each get their credit card and pin.

How to Apply for Clydesdale Gold Mastercard

Applying for a Clydesdale gold Mastercard is very easy. You can apply for your card online or at any Clydesdale bank branch. However, to apply for the card, applicants must take note of the following requirements.

Eligibility requirements

  1. Be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Must reside in the UK.
  3. Not be an existing Clydesdale bank or Yorkshire bank credit customer.

How to Apply

  1. Visit the application page using this link.
  2. Click on the yes or no option to confirm if you are a Clydesdale or Yorkshire bank customer.
  3. Click on the continue button to move to the next page.
  4. On the next page, answer the questions appropriately.
  5. Tick the box provided to confirm that you’ve read the use of personal information statement.
  6. Click on the continue button to move to the next step.
  7. On the next page of the application, enter the following details; Title, the first name Do you have a middle name? Last name, Date of birth, Marital status, do you have any dependents.
  8. Where do you live? Mobile number, email address, confirm email address.
  9. How would you like to be contacted?
  10. Decide if you want to add a cardholder.
  11. Finally, click on the continue button to process your application.

With the steps carefully followed, and meeting the eligibility requirements. You will successfully apply for a Clydesdale gold Mastercard.

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