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There is no doubt that there are several movie streaming platforms to watch the latest movies online. But if an individual prefers to stream them for free, then I suggest that a torrent website is the best for that. The reason is that most of the streaming platforms available these days are not free as they require a subscription fee. Some of these websites include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and many others. But these torrent websites simply provide these movies for free. One of these pirated websites is CineBloom.

CineBloom - Watch Free Movies Online

CineBloom is an online movie streaming platform that offers pirated content to netizens, allowing you to stream a wide range of movies and TV series without paying a dime. As soon as movies are released in theaters, this website illegally leaks these movies and TV shows on its platform.

This movie streaming website plays a storehouse for several Hollywood movies and TV series illegally. Apart from Hollywood movies, you can also stream Bollywood movies on Thus, movies and TV series on are uploaded without copyrights. Therefore, it is illegal to access this website.

On the other hand, CineBloom provides you with the latest movies and TV shows for free. You can stream and watch any movie online on this website absolutely for free. Also, it does not require any login details. You can access the website anytime and explore movies on it.

 Is CineBloom Safe? 

Definitely Not! is not a safe website due to the fact that it offers copyrighted content. Although there are no reports of any criminal charges against this website, accessing this website to watch movies is illegal and a crime under copyright law.

CineBloom is known to leak several movies within hours of their release. This torrent website has leaked many blockbuster movies in the past. Some movies leaked by this website include:

  • Birds of prey 
  • The turning 
  • My spy 
  • Like a boss 
  • Pixar’s onward 
  • Bad boys for life 
  • Parasite 
  • The platform 
  • Love wedding repeat 
  • The gentlemen 
  • Endgame 
  • Avengers 
  • The lion king 
  • Once upon a time in Hollywood 

There is hardly a movie that this website has not leaked over the years. We can’t list all the movies leaked by CineBloom, but the ones above are the popular ones that are leaked. Thus, using for watching movies is not legal. Your ISP might track you while streaming. So, to avoid legal prosecution and fines, you should not use this website.

Categories of Movies on 

However, movies on are grouped into different categories or genres. When you log on to this website, either on your phone or computer, These movies and TV shows are sorted into different categories so as to make them readily available to users. Hence, you’ll find the following genres on this torrent website:

  • Action 
  • Adventure 
  • Comedy 
  • Crime 
  • Family 
  • Fantasy 
  • Music 
  • Musical 
  • Romance 
  • Sc-fi 
  • Unknown 
  • War 
  • Animation 
  • Documentary 
  • History 
  • Mystery 
  • Sport 
  • Western 
  • Biography 
  • Horror 
  • Drama 
  • Reality 
  • Thriller 

You can choose any genre of your choice and stream your favorite movies. Moreover, you can stream old movies and series on this website.

What Happened to Cinebloom?

Unfortunately, our favorite movie streaming platform,, has been shut down. This is because it was loaded with pirated contents, and it does not cease to distribute them to netizens. And in most countries in the world, distributing torrents to users is illegal and a punishable offense.

As a result, the website was blocked. Presently, another website has just surfaced claiming to be Cinebloom. Don’t be deceived, as the real Cinebloom website has been blocked. Thus, you can make use of any of the Cinebloom movie alternatives below to watch your favorite free movies.

Similar Websites Like CineBloom 

In the meantime, there are several other websites that provide torrents to users. They work similar to and provide you with the latest movies and shows. They include; 

How to Stream Movies on CineBloom

Knowing that is an illegal website and that using it is a crime, you may still want to stream your favorite movies on this website. If you are thinking of doing that, there is no cause for alarm. This section of this article is going to show you how to do that. Streaming on this website is very easy. To stream movies on this website.

  • Launch a web browser and visit the CineBloom website. 
  • On the website’s homepage, you will see several movies available for streaming. 
  • Check through the list and search for you desired movies. 
  • Once you found the movie or Tv show, click on it. 
  • But if you can’t find your desired movies. Then make use of the search bar 
  • You will see a search bar located at the top of the homepage. 
  • Enter the name of the movie into the empty field and tap the magnifying glass. 
  • From your search query results, locate the movie and tap it. 
  • Then you will be taken to the streaming page. 
  • Navigate down a little and choose your preferred streaming link. To stream without any disturbance from adverts and in high quality, choose the first streaming link. 
  • The movie will then appear. 
  • Finally, click on the ‘’Play’’ button to start watching the movie. 

Voila! Enjoy CineBloom movies on your device. As you can see, the streaming process is very easy. You can also use this step to download any other movies on this website. Better still, you can stream movies using a VPN. 

Disclaimer: TecVase does not aim to promote or encourage piracy. This content is only meant to give users information about this movie platform. We fully understand the Copyright Act and do not condone piracy in any way. We strongly support copyright acts and further request that you not encourage or engage in piracy in any form. 

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