Chromium – Features And How to Download

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What is Chromium? Chromium is a proprietary open-source web browser that generates the source code that Chrome is built on. It is developed by Google and its source code provides the most code for Chrome. Apart from Chrome, Chromium codebase is used by Opera, Microsoft Edge, Samsung Edge, and so many other browsers. However, Google does not provide a stable or official version of the Chromium browser. So all versions with the Chromium logo and names are built and made by others. Although a lot of people think Chromium and Chrome are the same, they are very different.

Chromium - Features And How to Download

Although Chromium has lots of features, it does not possess the type of feature Chrome has. Chrome provides features such as an update mechanism, built-in support for multiple technologies and Chromium does not provide any of these features. Besides, it does not include browser-sync and is deficient of API keys for some Google products. So they are known as different although Chromium is better and more reliable than Chrome. Do you want to download Chromium but you do not know how? All you need to do is follow this article to the end. That is because I will enlighten you on how to download and its features.

Features of Chromium

Just like I have stated above, Chromium is different from chrome and the features are also different. But what are the features of Chromium? Below are the features of this web browser below;

  • Firstly, is an open-source web browser.
  • It incorporates almost all Google Chrome features.
  • It access Chrome’s extensions.
  • Also, it offers good built developers tools and so many others.

Chromium has lots of features however the above are just a few of them. To enjoy all the features, download the Chromium web browser today. For how to download Chromium, check the paragraph below;

How to Download Chromium

To download Chromium is very easy and simple to do and it does not require much. However, to download the Chromium in an easy way is from this page The page will recognize the operating system of your device automatically and give the right edition of Chromium. There are lots of things you can do on the page and it can also recognize the built number and how old or long it is. It can also show the Chromium edition from the previous page.

Is Chromium Safe?

Yes, Chromium is secure. It is just as secure as Chrome. However, it lacks some of the update mechanisms which means that security linked to the source code will be installed and downloaded manually by the user.

Which One Should I Use Between Chrome And Chromium?

This actually depends on what you want to use it for. Some prefer using Chrome because it is easier to use and also it offers better flash players which allows viewing of more media platforms or content. While some open source developers prefer using Chromium. However, you need to make the decision after the careful analysis of what the browser will be used for

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