Change Username in Snapchat – How to Change Your Snapchat Username

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Change Username in Snapchat – Social media these days has really gone wild. It has totally changed the way we communicate with ourselves. With the advancement of the popular social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and many more. This Social platforms have really made communication easier and fun, and not only communication alone. We also use these platforms to share media content like videos, pictures and so many more.

Change Username in Snapchat - How to Change Your Snapchat Username

It is really obvious that social media users have started to experience the life of fun through these social platforms. The number one platform in line is Snapchat. Snapchat platform is not only meant for communication but it is also used to send snaps of memorable moments. Getting an account using your Android or IOS on the Snapchat platform is very easy. But as a Snapchat user, you may want to know if you can change your Snapchat username.

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About Changing Snapchat Username

At that moment of creating an account on the Snapchat platform. Users are always given a blank form to fill in their Username, Password, and other Personal Information. This information is collected on the site to sign you up as a registered member. Now, our main discussion. What if after a while of using your Snapchat account and a moment comes when you want to change your Snapchat username? You might not find a direct description or option for changing your username on Snapchat. You might think that to change your Snapchat username. All you have to do is simply go into your account settings and click on ‘Username’ and ‘edit’, No! you can possibly try it on your account but you will realize that no changes will be made.

It is so bad that Snapchat does not allow users to edit their usernames. This is all for security reasons. This means that you are permanently stuck with your current username as long as you want to remain with your current account. But, no need to worry;

In the next sub-heading, I will be stating some clever steps you can use to work around this challenge how to change your Snapchat username. There is an effective way of replacing your current username with a custom display name which will now be visible to your friends on Snapchat instead of your username. Note, your current username will remain the same, but it will hardly be visible to your friends. Here are the steps;

How To Change Your Snapchat Username

  • Tap on your Snapchat Settings: Open your Snapchat app and then tap your profile or Bitmoji icon at the top left corner of your screen, then next, click the gear icon at the top right angle to access your settings.
  • Add or Change your Snapchat Display Name: After accessing your settings you will see some options listed out, first, you will see ‘Name’ and next ‘Username’. Note, if you click on Username, you won’t get any result if want to try editing from there except if you want to share it through another app.
  1. So, tap on ‘Name’.
  2. Next, add or edit the First Name space and Last Name space. If you like, you can leave the Last Name space blank.
  3. Click on the save button that pops out after you’ve finished making your changes.
  • Take a look at your Profile to see your New Display Name: Once you have saved your new Display Name. You can tap the back arrows at the top left to direct you back to your profile. There you will see your new Display Name hanging beneath your Snapcode. As long as you have something new that you’ve saved on the First Name space

As mentioned above, it will definitely appear in all your chats with your friends and stories as a change to your Snapchat username. The only time your friend might see your username is when they start a chat with you. Or tap the hamburger icon on the top left to get a small summary of your profile. This will show your Name, Username, Snap score, Chat emojis, and Snapcode or when they click on your Display Name when searching for friends.

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