Capital One Walmart Rewards Card – Apply for Walmart Rewards Program

Are you a Walmart frequent shopper and you are desperately in need of a credit card? If your answer is affirmative, then you’re are very lucky to come across this article. As we all know, Walmart is one of the biggest store chains in the United States. It works in both the retail and wholesale business, selling an assortment of merchandise and services across the globe both online and in stores at affordable prices. Walmart is offering its own credit card issued by Capital One Bank. Actually, Walmart and capital offer two credit cards – Capital one Walmart rewards card and Walmart rewards card. But here, we’ll be talking about capital one Walmart rewards Mastercard.

Capital One Walmart Rewards Card - Apply for Walmart Rewards Program

Thus, the Capital one Walmart rewards card is a card that allows you to earn cash back rewards on all purchases made at Walmart stores. Including other locations where Mastercard cards are accepted. Unlike Walmart’s credit card which can only be used within Walmart’s umbrella, you can use this card at millions of locations worldwide.

However, Walmart rewards Mastercard does not come with a 0% intro APR on balance transfers and purchases. Also, it requires excellent credit for approval. This means if you are trying to rebuild credit, this card may not be for you.

Benefits of Capital One Walmart Rewards Card

Besides, the capital one Walmart rewards card has a nice rewards structure. In the sense that it earns you cashback rewards on all categories. With a flexible redemption scheme and rewards rate on a selected purchase like grocery, restaurants, and Walmart stores. Thus, Walmart rewards Mastercard offers the following benefits;

  • On all purchases you make at, you earn 5% cashback including delivery at pickup.
  • As a card issued on the Mastercard network, you can use it to make payments anywhere Mastercard cards are accepted. And when you use your card at these Mastercard locations, you get 1% as cashback.
  • On all purchases made at Walmart stores, restaurants, and travel, you’ll earn 2% cashback.
  • As a cardholder, you get an introductory offer of 5% cashback in Walmart stores for the first twelve months after using your card with Walmart pay.
  • It offers $0 fraud liability if your stolen or lost a card. In other words, you’re not responsible for any unauthorized transaction made with your card.
  • The most interesting part of this card is that it does not charge annual fees. This means you can save on fees while earning cashback rewards.
  • You can redeem your rewards for gift cards from Walmart or other retailers.
  • You can also redeem for travel purchases you make with your card.

Above all, you can activate for security alerts so as to get notified when any unusual activity is noticed on your account. In addition, you can redeem for cash and use your rewards during checkout at

How to Apply for Capital One Walmart Rewards Card

How do I apply for a capital one Walmart rewards card? Or how can I get Walmart rewards Mastercard? Having gone through the benefits of this card and it engages you. You can move on to apply for the card. Meanwhile, it requires excellent credit. So, you need to have at least a FICO score of 720 to increase your chances of approval.

  • Launch web browser preferably Google chrome and visit Walmart rewards Mastercard website.
  • On the homepage, click the green Apply Now button.
  • On the next page, click on ‘Continue to my Application’.
  • Personal information – first name, MI, last name, date of birth, and social security number.
  • Then verify your U.S citizenship by clicking the yes button.
  • Contact information – Residential Address (PO Box is not valid) Apt/Suite (If Applicable), zip code, city, state, email address, and primary phone number.
  • Financial information – employment status, total annual income, and monthly rent/mortgage.
  • Then select your bank account.
  • By clicking the box below, review the terms of capital one electronic communications disclosure.
  • After that, scroll down and click the blue ‘Continue’ button below.

If you could not get approved for this card, capital one will automatically consider you for the Walmart store card that can be only used at Walmart stores.

Walmart Rewards Mastercard Login

Nevertheless, if you already have a capital one Walmart rewards card and have signed up for online access, you can log in to manage your account. To login your account, follow the guidelines below;

  • On your mobile device, visit the Walmart capital one login page.
  • Since you have a capital one online account, tap the sign in button.
  • Then you will be redirected to the login page.
  • Now enter the username you used in setting up the account.
  • Enter your password as well.
  • Lastly, tap the green ‘Sign In’ link’.

If your login details are correct, your account will be signed in at once. With that, you can pay your bills and view your transaction anytime and anywhere.

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