Can I Advertise My Business on Facebook – How to Advertise Your Business on Facebook

Can I advertise my business on Facebook? this has been one major and bothering question that lies in the heart of so many business owners, marketers, company owners, advertisers and so much more. Perhaps you also fall into the category of those of who have businesses and markets and want to get their business and market online, so they can reach out to billions of people out there. in the marketing system today, it is one major fact that advertising helps to get your business to a whole lot of people out there, who may be in need of your products and services.

Can I Advertise My Business on Facebook - How to Advertise Your Business on Facebook

With this, there are so many sites who have adopted this system of advertising for businesses, marketers, enterprises, brands and other professions. Facebook is also one of these sites that have adopted this system so if you have been asking if Can I Advertise My Business on Facebook. Yes you can as Facebook has over a billion users which part many be your targeted audience. Users around the world  has seen Facebook as a way to get their business to the public.

How Does Facebook Advertising Work?

Facebook advertising actually gives out large solutions in the aspect of advertising your business and helping you reach your targeted audience. You can make use of these adverts to do a lot of things for your business or brand. You can use these ads to get likes, reach, views, promote your business, and so much more. Depending on the kind of objectives that you have for your market/business.

Still having that bothering question on, can I advertise my business on Facebook? of course, you can, anyone can. Just read on to get more details on how you can get started with your advert. Well, for you to start advertising your business on Facebook, you need to make use of the Facebook ads manager (Facebook advertising manager). So, by this, you need to have your Facebook account. let’s quickly get you on how to get a Facebook account.

How to Open a Facebook Account – First Step to Advertise Your Business on Facebook

You just have to follow few simple steps, in order to get your Facebook account up and ready so you can setup a Facebook advertising manager account. here’s how to get your Facebook account.

  • Go to Facebook on which is the default URL.
  • Provide your information such as first name and surname.
  • Your number or email address and a password.
  • Your gender and birth date then click on Sign Up.

And you are done. However, you will be given few and simple instructions to follow in order for your account to be open fully. Follow all these instructions and your account will be automatically open. You need to login to your account in other to advertise on Facebook.

How to Advertise on Facebook – Can I Advertise My Business on Facebook

Now here’s the big moment you have just been waiting for, right? Can I advertise my business on Facebook? this has been a major question lying in your heart. And the answer to that question is, yes! But it does not just end here, there are steps to follow for you to advertise your business on Facebook. let’s get started.

  • Visit the Facebook ads manager on which is the official web address.
  • On the ads manager page, you will be prompted to pick a marketing objective. This means, the main aim for your advertisement. These objectives are brand awareness, likes, traffic, engagements, views, apps install, reach, lead, catalog sales, and others.
  • Add your location.
  • You are also to provide the currency and the time zone of your location. After that, tap Continue.

Choose your targeted audience – this refers to the people you want your adverts to get to. Select your placements. You also have to enter your schedules and planned budget for your advert. After that, tap Continue. Select the preferred format you want for your advertisement. After these processes, click Done and Place Order.

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