Build Mastercard – Apply for Build Mastercard | Benefits of Secured Mastercard Credit Card

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Build Mastercard is a credit card issued by republic bank & trust company. With this card, you can get the credit you need and the convenience you want. The build Mastercard with an initial credit limit of $500 offers you the financial clout you need. As the name implies, this credit card is a Mastercard and it comes with Mastercard benefits. Which means you can use Mastercard credit card anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Dining, shopping and even travel are all in your future with your build Mastercard.

Build Mastercard - Apply for Build Mastercard | Benefits of Secured Mastercard Credit Card

Furthermore, your build Mastercard helps you improve or rebuild your credit score when you make your payments on-time and keep your balance under your credit limit. Also, the build Mastercard has a mobile app which allows you manage your account anytime from any mobile phone or device. The has over 2.6 million credit cards managed since its founding. It prides itself on outstanding customer service and access to products with advanced features. also specializes in offering access to credit services and products to patrons who are largely overlooked by traditional credit card issuers. This platform offers different types of credit card. Whether you have poor credit, limited credit, and fair credit, it provides the right one for you.

How Build Mastercard Works

Meanwhile, the build Mastercard is majorly designed for people with poor credit. Also, it comes with affordable credit options that gives you access to a credit line upfront pricing. It offers upfront pricing and no add-ons. Cardholders also gain access to 24/7 account access via the web and mobile and enjoy fraud protection as well. When your build card Mastercard is stolen or lost, you can stay calm with its zero-liability fraud protection. In addition, you’ll get a free monthly credit score. This is one of the top features you’ll enjoy when you create an account. You will simply get a credit score when you enroll in e-statements. You can check your score every month. If you are repairing or building credit for the first time, you will see the impact actions like making your monthly payments on time.

Benefits of Secured Mastercard Credit Card

Just like other credit cards, the build Mastercard also comes with fascinating benefits. You can find what this card offers below;

  • It makes monthly reports of your payments to all the three major bureaus – Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.
  • The card is an effective tool to build credit.
  • It offers $0 fraud liability which makes you not responsible for anu unauthorized
  • It offers potential credit limit after six months. You may be qualified for your first credit limit increase just after six months.
  • With your build credit card, you can get free monthly credit score.
  • There are no add-ons.
  • Get 24/7 access to your account via the mobile and web.
  • You can use your card anywhere Mastercard is accepted.
  • Also, there’s up-front pricing.

With your build Mastercard, you can enjoy these arrays of benefits.

Applying for Build Mastercard

To enjoy the benefits of this credit card, you need to apply for it. But before applying, you must meet the following criteria;

Eligibility Requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • The card is aimed at cardholders with poor credit scores of 300 to 600.

To Apply;

  • Applying for the build Mastercard requires invitation.
  • Input the offer code that was sent to you once you apply.
  • After getting the offer code, click on the Respond Offer button on the build card website.
  • Enter the offer code, zip code, application ID, social security number, and proceed to the application. In which you will be required to give your personal information like your contact details and annual income.

With more few easy steps, you can easily apply for this credit card.

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