Broadway Rising – Release Date and Cast

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of things happened. A lot of people lost their jobs and were forced to stay at home. Later this month, a documentary called “Broadway Rising” will be officially released, telling the public how COVID-19 has affected Broadway and how things are now.

Broadway Rising - Release Date and Cast

Emmy is the director of Broadway Rising, which also features some additional cast and crew members. It tells the tale of Broadway returning to the stage following the pandemic. If you are a fan of documentary movies, here is one for you to stream.


This movie talks all about the reopening of Broadway after the pandemic that caused it to shut down. It is a documentary that describes the Broadway community’s stimulating journey back to the stage after the shutdown during COVID-19, which broke out on March 12, 2022.

When the Great White Way went dark, over 96,000 people lost their jobs, reducing the total ecosystem of businesses that supported the industry. This shutdown had an impact on every part of the company, including performers, directors, artisans, producers, doormen, prop masters, and others.

Now that this is over, the show must continue. This story is told to put the spotlight on the Broadway community and call attention to their anxiety stories, perseverance, and doubt, and ultimately succeed on the long-anticipated opening night on September 14, 2021.

Broadway Rising Cast and Crew

As previously stated, various cast and crew members collaborated to make this documentary a success. There is no way to tell the story without them. However, the cast of this movie includes people who are part of Broadway. With the help of these people and the crew, this documentary has been considered the best. The cast and crew are as follows;


  • T. Oliver Reid.
  • Ginna Claire Mason.
  • Ruben Santiago-Hudson.
  • Adam Perry.
  • Jewelle Blackman.
  • Robbie Fairchild.
  • Brain Blythe.
  • Tom Kirdahy.
  • Lynn Nottage.
  • John Kristiansen.
  • Kevin McCollum.
  • Justin Mikita.


  • Amy rice – Director/ Producer/ cinematographer.
  • Justin Mikita – Producer.
  • Christopher G. Cowen – Producer.
  • Sam Bisbee – Producer.
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson – Producer.
  • Ivy Herman – Executive producer.
  • Cody Ryder – Executive producer.
  • Jackie Kelman Bisbee – Executive producer.
  • Hallee Adelman – Executive producer.
  • Lance Acord – Executive producer.
  • Wendy Neu – Executive producer.
  • Bryn Mooser – Executive producer.
  • Franklin Carson – Executive producer.
  • Justin Lacob – Executive producer.
  • Andy Hsieh – Executive Producer.
  • Ronan Killeen – Cinematographer.
  • Nelson Hume – Cinematography.
  • Christoph Baaden – Film editor

The abovementioned are all the cast and crew of the documentary Broadway Rising.

Broadway Rising Release Date

The official release of Broadway Rising is still pending. However, it is currently available in theaters as of its December 5, 2022, release.. According to reports, it will be officially released on December 27, 2022 which will make it available for streaming on different streaming platforms.

Where to Stream Broadway Rising

After the release of Broadway Rising, it will be available for streaming in different theaters. These are the theaters where you should watch the new Broadway documentary. Irrespective of the movie theater near you, Broadway Rising will be made available there for streaming after its release.

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