Bossmobi – Stream and Download Mp3 Songs

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Music is an element that governs melody and harmony, which I believe everybody needs, no matter what type of genre. Bossmobi is a sensational music repository that provides netizens with Bollywood and Hindi songs online.

Bossmobi - Stream and Download Mp3 Songs

The problem of where to get good and quality music seems impossible to solve, but with a website like Bossmobi, you’re guaranteed to get the best with ease.

Mind you, this website is an Indian website. In other words, all the contents available on it are primarily created for Indians. That is, if you are looking for English songs or in any other languages apart from the ones spoken in India, you should look elsewhere.

Categories of Music on Bossmobi

One of the things that makes an MP3 website more appealing to music lovers is that it has different categories of songs.

Bossmobi has a wide array of different music tailored to satisfy the thirst of every music lover. To ensure that netizens have an easy time locating their favorite music, it splits its songs into different categories.

Bollywood Mp3 Songs

When you visit this website, you will see the music categories displayed on the footer of its homepage. Bossmobi is an Indian website, so there is no doubt that it will be a repository for Bollywood songs.

Whatever type of Bollywood song you want to stream or download, you are sure to get it without any hassle. You can stream and download the following types of Bollywood songs:

  • Bollywood single songs
  • Jhankar beats mp3 songs
  • 90s romantic mp3 songs
  • Old is gold mp3 songs
  • All-time hit mp3 songs
  • Best of love mp3 songs
  • A to Z Bollywood movie mp3 songs

Indian Pop Songs

This is the second category of music on Bossmobi. If you are a fan of indie pop, you can navigate to this category to stream or download your favorite indie pop songs. You can search by most popular, new 2 old, or alphabetically.

Mix Mp3 Songs

The category incorporates a collection of Bollywood songs that have been mixed or blended together to create a seamless audio experience. This mixing process involves combining multiple tracks or segments of music into a single audio file. Some of the top mixed mp3 songs on Bossmobi include:

  • Latest Haryanvi songs
  • Latest Punjabi songs
  • Rap mp3 songs
  • Bengali latest mp3 songs
  • Marathi mp3 songs
  • Bhojpuri songs
  • Gujarati mp3 songs
  • English mp3 songs
  • Assamese song
  • Odia mp3 songs

DJ Remix Mp3 Songs

This is more like the mixed mp3 songs. They are DJ remixes, mashups, or compilations that are creatively merged together to flow smoothly. Some of the DJ remix mp3 songs on this platform include:

  • Bollywood Hindi DJ remix songs
  • Haryanvi DJ remix songs
  • New Punjabi DJ songs
  • Bengali DJ remix songs
  • English DJ songs
  • Bhojpuri DJ songs

Special Mp3 Songs  

In my subjective view, I think this category is the most unique of all the categories of music on Bossmobi. This category incorporates the latest and trending songs on social media platforms.

For instance, netizens may decide to create a cover for a trending song and then post it to TikTok or any other social media platforms. The song cover in question could be a masterpiece that netizens will love.

To that effect, Bossmobi will pick up that song or sound and upload it to its platform for users to stream and download. The following are categories of special mp3 songs that you can download.

  • New viral reels mp3 songs
  • New TikTok mp3 songs
  • Bhakti bhajan songs


This feature is primarily for mobile device users. Here, you can download as many ringtones as you want on your mobile device.

After downloading the ringtone, you can customize it by making it your incoming call ringtone. You can download the following types of ringtones on your phone:

  • New famous ringtones
  • Punjabi ringtones
  • Bollywood ringtones
  • Funny ringtones
  • Bhakti ringtones
  • Arabic ringtones
  • Airtel ringtones
  • Flute ringtones

How to Stream on Bossmobi

One notable feature of all MP3 websites is that they allow users to stream music. You will hardly find any mp3 websites that allow only the downloading of songs. On Bossmobi, you can stream any song of your choice by following the steps below:

  • Visit the Bossmobi website in your device’s browser.
  • On the homepage, you will see different categories of songs split into different sections that you can stream.
  • Browse through the list of songs displayed on the homepage or use the search bar to locate your favorite song.
  • Click on the song once you find it.
  • This takes you to another page where you can stream it.
  • Now, click on the play button to enjoy your song on the go.

For each song you decide to stream, you will see its name, category, duration, the year it was released, and size.

How to Download on Bossmobi

Apart from streaming songs, Bossmobi also allows its users to download its songs on any device. One of the downsides of this mp3 website is that it is quite difficult to locate its download button.

If you are new to Bossmobi and want to download a particular song, it is possible that you will have some difficulties doing that. Therefore, you should follow the steps below to successfully download your favorite music.

  • Visit in your web browser.
  • Search for the song you want to download, and click on it once you find it.
  • On the streaming page, you will see a text that says ‘’Play Online or Download’’.
  • Now, the ‘Play Online or Download’ button is not Also, there is no button that explicitly says ”Download Song’”or ”Download” which could get you stuck while trying to download.
  • In fact, on my first visit to download a song on Bossmobi, I concluded that it doesn’t have a download feature. However, after some days of rigorous searching, I found where the download feature was located.
  • For any song you decide to stream on Bossmobi, under the play button, you’ll see a clickable text there.
  • The clickable text is usually the name of the song, suffixed by ‘’Mp3 Song Download.mp3’’. That is the download button.
  • So, click on the link, and immediately, the song will start downloading to your respective device.

Mind you, the above steps are not only applicable for downloading MP3 songs. You can also use it to download ringtones and other media files on the website.

Is Bossmobi Safe?

According to research, there are no bad reports or reviews about Bossmobi’s operation. But then, it has been employing one of the tactics of torrent websites, which is constant switching of domain name endings.

Torrent websites are mostly known for constantly changing their domain name endings when the one they are using to serve their users gets blocked by the government or authorities.

Hence, I would conclude that Bossmobi is somewhat safe, but you should always make sure to use websites that comply with copyright and legal regulations.

Is Bossmobi Free?

All you need to use Bossmobi is an internet-connected device. You don’t have to pay a dime before streaming or downloading any media content. The songs there are absolutely free of charge.

Alternatives to Bossmobi

Whilst it cannot be 100% guaranteed that Bossmobi is a safe and legal website, you should not totally rely on it. Therefore, I have provided a list of websites you can use in place of Bossmobi.

All of the aforementioned websites offer almost the same categories of songs that Bossmobi offers. You can stream Hindi and Bollywood songs from any of them.

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