Boomplay – Stream and Download Boomplay Music | Boomplay App

How can I stream Boomplay music or how can download music on the Boomplay App? These are questions that are mostly asked by Boomplay users. In the meantime, Boomplay stands as one of the best platforms for music download. Boomplay is a media streaming and download platform owned by Joe He, a Chinese man. It was formerly known as Boom Player. Unarguably, there are numerous websites for streaming and downloading music, but Boom play is a better option for that. 

Boomplay - Stream and Download Boomplay Music | Boomplay App

On Boomplay, you can stream and download a wide range of music to your mobile phone or computer. This platform is widely used by several people all over the world as it presently has over seventy million users. In the meantime, Boomplay is available on Android, iOS, and on desktop. On the contrary, Boomplay is a freemium and subscription-based platform. Freemium is a combination of two words which are ‘’Free’’ and ‘’Premium’’. By implication, it means that some music or songs on Boom play are provided free while some require a subscription plan.  

Indeed, this platform is a home of music with more than thirty million songs across different genres from several artists. As I said earlier, you can stream and download on Boomplay but the download process can only be done on the Boomplay App for mobile devices. Therefore, to enjoy this media platform better, you should download the app on your mobile device.  

Boomplay App 

In addition, Boom play has an App that can be downloaded and used on Android and iOS devices. With the Boomplay App, you access and enjoy more features on this platform. Unlike the Boom player website which does not allows downloading of music. The download feature is only available on the Boomplay app. You can get the App on Google Play Store for Android devices and on the App Store for iOS devices. You can download music on the Boomplay App and listen to them offline. But know that there are some songs that you can’t download even on the app as they require a subscription plan. Thus, the app offers you access to several things that you cannot do on the website.  

What Services Are Available in the App? 

When you use Boomplay’s App on your mobile device, you’ll get to enjoy more of its services. With the app, you can discover new songs from the menus provided. These menus include charts, trending, genres, albums, new releases, artists, and slides. Besides, you can use the search menu with artist names, albums, and track names. Hence, you’ll get the following services on the Boomplay App; 

  • The app allows you to stream and download your favorite songs on the go. You can stream and stream and download songs from anywhere in the world. 
  • You can create playlists and interact with other music lovers by following them and listening to what they are listening to. As a Boomplay user, you can follow other users and see playlists, posts, and also send direct messages. 
  • The app recommends music for you based on your interests. Thus, this helps you discover new unheard songs. 
  • Also, the app provides you with a Buzz section for all the latest entertainment news. 
  • On the app, you can create a personalized playlist of your favorite songs, share and listen to other user’s public playlists including celebrity playlists. 

Above all, you can earn points on the Boom play app by completing some tasks. After earning these points, you can use them to redeem gifts. To learn more about earning points, kindly continue reading. 

How to Earn Points on Boomplay Apk 

If you are the type that uses the Boomplay App, you can earn Boomplay points by completing some tasks. Some of the tasks include; 

  • Signing in – 15 points 
  • Streaming a track – 5 points 
  • Downloading a track – 10 points 
  • Read a Buzz article – 5 points 
  • Add a track to favorite – 5 points 
  • Add 1 playlist to favorite – 5 points 
  • Follow 1 user or artist – 10 points 
  • Share to Facebook or Twitter – 10 points 
  • Curate 1 playlist – 30 points 
  • Purchase a monthly subscription – 150 points 
  • Write a comment – 15 points 
  • Stream a video – 5 points 

As you can see, each task comes with its own respective points. So, the more you complete a task, the more points you earn. In a day, you can earn up to 545 points. If the earn task button still shows blue, it means you can earn more points on that task. But once it shows grey, it means you can no longer earn points on that task for the day.  

To Redeem Your Points 

  • Launch the Boomplay app on your device. 
  • Tap the Account link at the bottom of the homepage. 
  • Locate the Reward Points tab and click it. 
  • After completing a task, click more to get more tasks. 
  • Click Earn Points to finish the task to earn more points. 
  • Tap Collect Points to grab the points after completing a task. 

How to Download Boomplay Music | Boomplay Music Download 

Not only can you stream your favorite music on Boomplay, but you can also download Boom play music and listen to them offline. On the contrary, Boomplay download can only be done on the Boomplay App and cannot be done on the web version of Boomplay. In other words, Boomplay download is not available for PC. Thus, you can download music on the Boom play App with the below simple steps; 

  • Launch the Boomplay App on your device. 
  • After opening the app, search for your favorite song using the search engine or use the Genres or Artists features. 
  • Once you locate the song, click the three-dot icon beside the song. 
  • From the menu displayed, click on Download. 

If the song is free to download, the song will start downloading right away. As I said, you can’t download all songs for free as some require a subscription plan. When you subscribe to Boom play premium, you’ll get unlimited access to all music and videos available and you can download them without any hassle. 

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