Bluebird Credit Card – How to Apply for American Express Bluebird Card

The bluebird credit card is a card offered by American express. The bluebird American express card is an FDIC-insured prepaid card that works more like a checking account. Making it a useful substitute for people who don’t have a bank account. And if you also have a bank account, the bluebird credit card money management tools may be appealing. With this prepaid debit card, you can conveniently pay bills or make purchases. Though, there are other prepaid debit card you can use to carry out all these but many of them come with high fees. So, the bluebird credit card is a good option for that.

Bluebird Credit Card - How to Apply for American Express Bluebird Card

If you need to rebuild bad credit, the American express bluebird is a good option that combines the convenience of a credit card with cash withdrawal convenience of debit cards. It requires no credit check. This prepaid function as a debit card but offers several traditional credit card bonuses such as fraud protection, security protection, and amex offer through the portal. Furthermore, American express bluebird credit card offers in conjunction with Walmart. This credit card offers the flexibility of shopping at any merchant stores that accept American express. As well as allowing for the withdrawal of cash at ATMs similar to a debit card.

How Bluebird Credit Card Works

Additionally, the bluebird credit card does not charge any monthly maintenance fee for its users. This is one of the standout features on the American express bluebird credit card. There are no fees attached when making your transactions. There is no monthly, activation, or annual fee. Its mobile features can be used at no cost, cards can be used overseas or replaced for no additional charge, and withdrawals at approved ATMs are free. Also, the bluebird credit card has no minimum balance or deposit requirement unlike other traditional checking accounts. Cardholders will never be punished for using the whole of their prepaid balance. Furthermore, American express does not charge any monthly maintenance fees for bluebird members. It does not also charge activation fee. Activating your new bluebird account is always free.

Besides, you won’t pay any fee when making international purchases with your bluebird card. You don’t have to bother about paying an additional fee to complete the transaction. As a prepaid, American express does not offer balance transfers or cash advances and funds must be added prior to use. Luckily, bluebird American express card offers multiple ways to do so.  Above all, bluebird has a mobile app which allows you to track your balance, add money and pay bills to your account on the go.

Benefits of Amex Bluebird Card

American express bluebird card offers amazing benefits for bluebird members. Hence these are some of what bluebird credit card offers.

  • No foreign transaction fee on international purchases
  • It does not charge monthly/annual fee
  • Enjoy free customer service.
  • Offers easy services and account management tools
  • Suitable for those who want a simplified checking account with little fees.
  • It has no credit check. Approval is easy.
  • With this card, you’ll enjoy free withdrawals at over 24,000 money pass ATMs.
  • It comes with nice perks and services uncommon to prepaid cards, such as spending alerts and family subaccounts, check writing, from American express.
  • It offers road assistance and zero liability on unauthorized charges.


  • It does not offer cashback at retailers.
  • Bluebird card is accepted in fewer places than Mastercard or visa.
  • There is surcharge if you make a withdrawal at a non-money pass ATM.
  • There is a spending limit for every transaction.
  • The maximum direct deposits each year is $100,000.

Bluebird Credit Card Application

Applying for a bluebird credit card is very easy. The American express credit card is such an incomparable value because it lacks many of the fees that come with a prepaid card. Meanwhile, to apply for this card, you must meet the following criteria;

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Applicants must be up to 18 years of age or older.
  • Also, you must reside in the United States and have a valid SSN.
  • And for family accounts member must be at least 13 years of age and living in the US.

To Apply;

You can get a bluebird credit card in three ways.

  • Firstly, you can get the American express bluebird account set up kit for $5 at a Walmart store near you. Start using your temporary card at once, then enroll at However, to access the bluebird website, you need a VPN [virtual private network] in other words, without a VPN, you access will be denied and you won’t be able to access the portal.
  • Register directly online at to get the card.
  • The third way to apply is to download the bluebird mobile app from Google play or App store and register via the bluebird mobile app.

With any of these three steps, you can successfully apply for the bluebird credit card without any hassle.

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