Block Friend on Facebook – How to Block Friend on Facebook

Block friend on Facebook is a way of avoiding to someone from sending you message and others thing you and the person usually do. There was once I time whereby someone from the same site was giving me attitude and was taking things too seriously. I was pissed off and was looking for a way to stop the person from sending me messages and seeing my timeline. So I got an answer which directs me to block the person from Facebook.

Block Friend on Facebook - How to Block Friend on Facebook

You might have had the same problem as mind and want to you the same. But there is something you need to know before deciding on blocking someone. It’s an exciting thing to be on Facebook but sometimes users make the site feel insecure to others members of the services. Have been on Facebook for long and notices how users abuse the privileged giving to them by Facebook. Block friend on Facebook is more different from when you want to unfriend someone note that.

When you block someone from your friend list there is something that happens when you begin and end the process. Note that Facebook doesn’t send notification that you have block a user. But the person will not be able to look you up using the search engine If he/she want to send you a friend request. Blocking friends automatically delete the user from all your account activities. Which is a big decision to take and also note all the following below on what exactly happens when you block someone?

What happens when you Block Friend on Facebook

A friend of your got you annoyed and you want to block the person from your friend list. That possible with Block Friend on Facebook process below as it comes with consequences and the consequences are as follow:

  • All the post and statues you post on your timeline will disappear and the users will not able to see anything you post and do.
  • The user also won’t be able to tag you to any post or pictures.
  • Invitation to like, share, join, and event won’t be accessible. The person cannot invite to do the following.
  • You cannot add the person and also the person cannot add you.
  • Users cannot find you using the search engine to start a conversation with you.

All this following are the risk involved in blocking a friend. Also, note that when you block someone Facebook automatically unfriends from the user account. But you can decide to take a break for some time instead of blocking the users.

How to Block Friend on Facebook

For the Block Friend on Facebook process to be successful you need to a web browser and your Facebook account login. If your answer is no and you want to block the user after reading this article. Whereby you have decided you cannot take it any longer you can then view the step below;

  • On this URL link, click on it and it will direct you to Facebook.
  • Log in your account with your email, password and then click login icon.
  • Click on your profile picture.
  • Click on fiend and then locate the user you want to block.
  • Then click the user.
  • At the left side of the user profile, you will see three dots. Then you need to click the dot.
  • Click on “block”.
  • A question is asked if you want to still continue with the process. To decide that you can click confirm.

You can wait for 48 hours to send a friend request to the person again if you want to reconsider the user. Hope you find the article helpful to your request in blocking someone.

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