Best Ways to Send Money

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From my own perspective, I think one of the best ways to send money all over the world is through an online service. Not only is it the best way, but it is also the easiest and safest way. However, there are different ways to send money through online services.

Best Ways to Send Money

You can either make use of digital banking apps or banking websites. With the online money transfer systems, you do not have to visit the ATM or bank to send money. The electronic transfer system gives you the best ways to send money easily and quickly in your comfort zone.

Furthermore, choosing the best ways to send money through the online money transfer system can be a little difficult. This is because are so many transfer platforms out there, some are free to use while some charge fees. The charge does not mean it is the best way to transfer money, so we need to be careful when choosing. 

However, let’s always keep it at the back of our minds that the best way to send money depends on how, when, and where you want to send it.

5 Best Ways to Send Money

Without much ado, below are the best online money transfer systems in 2022.  They are both available as an app and website, check them out;


Zelle is a very popular peer-to-peer transfer tool specially made for sending and receiving money through bank transfers. You can enroll to use Zelle in your bank’s mobile app or by downloading the Zelle app. Zelle is available in almost every bank mobile app. 

Either the sender or the receiver must have access to Zelle on their bank or credit union. The payments on this tool are processed quickly and the transfer is gone within a few minutes. To get started, just visit your bank app and enroll or download the app/ visit the Zelle website


Millions of people all over the world make use of PayPal and also it is a great way to send money to friends and family. PayPal accounts are very easy to use and create. All you just have to do is sign up and link a payment card or bank account.

To send money with PayPal, the only thing you need is the receiver’s phone number or email address. You can either send money into their linked account or PayPal account. PayPal is one of the best ways to send money online and it is accessible via the website or mobile app.  The app is available on both Android and IOS.


Digital wallets are gradually becoming very common and Venmo is one of the best and most recognized wallets app. it is able to make fast payments to friends and family in the blink of an eye. The app is available both on IOS and Android.

Unlike other apps like it, Venmo is not tied to any bank. Both the sender and receiver need a Venmo account, which can be set up using an email address or mobile phone number.  Users can either add cash to their Venmo account or link a payment method like a credit card or bank account.

Once you have set up, users can pay by entering the contact’s name including the reason for the payment and the amount. The money will be sent immediately and users can also request money from other people.

Google Pay

When it comes to online activities, Google seems to be everywhere. It should make sense that Google offers ways for people to send money easily and quickly. Google Pay also known as Android Pay is a wallet that allows you to send money to friends and family.

The accounts are free to set up and can be accessed through its mobile app and website. You can also make use of your existing Google account to set up Google pay if you have one. However, this Payment service is only available in United Stated and India currently.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay enables you to send money to friends and family inside Messages, or using Apple assistant Siri on your iPad, iPhone and Apple watch. You do not have to download any app to make use of this service; it is already available on the device.

Payments are made instantly. Unfortunately, it is not available for android users and some old apple devices.  It has some requirements you need to meet before you can use it.

Bonus – Cash App

Another easy and simple way to send money to families and friends is through the cash app. Made by Square, the cash app enables users to create a free account and send money to people easily. Sending money with Cash App is very easy and straightforward. The guidelines and everything you need to know are already available on the app.

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