Best Shows on Amazon Prime

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In recent times, it is well known that Amazon Prime video has different great shows and series. It has taken a very amazing part with its original series. Although Hulu and Netflix get to have more buzz when it gets to streaming TV shows, Amazon Prime Video gives platforms difficulties to win. That is because; Amazon Prime is home to a good amount of drama, comedy, TV shows, and popular series.

Best Shows on Amazon Prime

There are even add-ons available from platforms like HBO max. So, you do not have to miss any episode of your favorite TV shows ever again. Furthermore, Amazon Prime has lots of amazing libraries of TV shows, from your favorite comedies to TV shows.  There are no ends to supply original series, drama, and thrillers on Amazon. To stream the Best TV shows, you just need to sign up for an Amazon account.

Once you have done that, you can now enjoy Amazon videos for 7 days free. With the streaming platform, you can watch your favorite best TV shows everywhere. However, are you looking for the Best TV shows on Amazon Prime? Well not to worry. That is because I will be listing them for you in this article. To know about them, follow this article to the very end.

The Best TV Shows on Amazon Prime

Just like I have stated above, there are varieties of TV shows on Amazon. And with the subscription, there are no limits to the movies you can watch. However, below are the Best TV shows you can watch on Amazon Prime today


Reacher is a TV adaptation from the best-selling Lee Child’s spy book. This new series follows Jack Reacher. He hopes to separate himself from his old life as a United States Army Military Police officer. Reacher moves to a very little town. Unable to shake off his feeling for justice, he found himself wrapped up in a very dangerous situation.

Phat Tuesday

The Comedy has received lots of attention from viewers over the years. Catering stands up royalty such as Eddie Murphy, Jerry Seinfeld, George Carlin, and many more, it is considered a story for comedians. Phat Tuesday, the era of Hip Hop Comedy is one you should not miss.

The Wheel of Time

The wheel of Time is based on a series of books and Rosamund Pike is a part of a very powerful organization of women who uses magic. She takes a group of people on a journey all around the universe, believing that among them might be the reincarnation of the Dragon. The fourth episode, tells what really happens and what they are diving into.

Clarkson’s Farm

Believe it or not, Jeremy Clarkson that proven that controversial people can release good TV shows. If you are looking for a good TV show, I think you should go for it. That is because seeing Clarkson being greatly and genuinely affected by this surprisingly amazing. It is a must-watch for someone who is after easy watching and light-hearted


This set is a really amazing one. That is because the series centers on comic fans that get to meet online and create a bond over their obsession with a fictional comic known as Utopia. However, things are not how they seem to be.

Subscribe to Amazon Prime Video today and enjoy these above TV shows. You will never regret watching them because they will make you glued to your screen.

How to Stream Best TV shows on Amazon Prime Video

To stream TV shows on Amazon prime is very easy and simple to do. First, you need to have an Amazon account and you can stream on any device of your choice. You can either make use of the Amazon Prime App or web. Nevertheless, below are the guidelines on how to stream on Amazon Prime Video;

  • Open the app or website
  • Click on sign in to go to the next page
  • Enter your email address and password
  • Choose the subscription plan of your choice
  • Now search for the TV show you will like to stream
  • Click on play to watch immediately
  • Now stream
  • You can also click on ‘’ start free trial’’ to watch TV shows for free

With the above, you can successfully watch any TV show of your choice on Amazon Prime Video. you can now see that it is very easy and simple to do. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and stream favorite TV shows and you won’t regret it.

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