15 Best Movies On BBC iPlayer

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Let’s all focus on one of the best streaming sites where you can get a variety of movies for entertainment purposes. The BBC iPlayer is a streaming platform with a large selection of high-quality movies.

15 Best Movies On BBC iPlayer

You can either stream them on the platform or download a number of them to your tablet device to watch whenever you want.

BBC iPlayer is a streaming service that provides viewers with a wide range of movies, TV shows, and programs. The streaming of movies and programs could either be on-demand or live.

Now, while the BBC iPlayer streaming site is free, you will need to have a BBC ID to be able to gain access. You have to search for your favorite movies to watch, and then you can start streaming them. Still, we will be revealing to you the 15 best movies on BBC iPlayer that you must watch.

15 Best Movies on BBC iPlayer 

Perhaps you are looking for a really good movie to grace your screen, or you need something you can share with friends and family on movie night. Nevertheless, you are sure to get the best movies to stream on BBC iPlayer. Here are the 15 best movies on the BBC iPlayer:

12 Monkeys

From his imprisonment in a 20230s prison, a man named James has been chosen to travel back to the 1990s. When he arrives at that time, he is supposed to gather as much information as possible about a plague that is about to wipe out a large portion of the world’s population.

This American science fiction film isn’t just an ordinary movie. This is a good movie to watch if you want to see some action hero-villain stuff.

Crazy Rich Asians

This movie tells the story of a Chinese American, Racheal Chu, who decides to travel back to Singapore with her boyfriend, Nick Young. She does this to attend his best friend’s wedding before she discovers that he is from one of Asia’s wealthiest families.

This romantic comedy shows the tale of how powerful women run things as there are glimpses of a love story being complicated by families.

The Babadook

This movie is both interesting and a great addition to your horror movie collection. It tells the tale of a single mother and her child, who fall into an eerie routine of paranoia when the horror monster called the Babadook from the child’s book begins to reveal itself in their presence.

Now they have to deal with that as well as the single mother’s grief and depression.

Trolls World Tour

This is more on the animation side. It is a pretty good pick for an animated movie to watch on the BBC iPlayer. This is pretty much a family and musical genre animation as it depicts the battle of the troll bands.

Also, Poppy, Branch, and other Troll Friends have to quickly save the troll kingdom from the Hard Rock Trolls.

Last Breath

This interesting movie is all about the survival of a single man left on the sea bed without much oxygen. The saturation diver was made to wait for a 3-minute rescue, and he only had 5-minutes of oxygen left. You should see this film to see the moving ending journey.

The Conjuring 2

This is just another one of the best horror movie thrillers to watch on BBC iPlayer. It shows how the main cast, Ed and Lorraine, all travel to England to help a family that is seriously terrorized by demons.

They want to assist a family with four children and a single mother. And they must find a way to rid them of these supernatural dark forces.

Spike Island

This movie follows teenage musicians who travel all the way to England’s Spike Island. They do so because they have hopes of attending an outdoor performance by their favorite band, the Stone Roses. You should watch the movie to follow their journey.

Schindler’s List

A businessman named Oskar Schindler finally arrived in Krakow in the year 1939 and was finally ready to make his fortune from World War II. He decides to join the Nazi Party primarily for political reasons. He begins to recruit Jewish workers in his factory for pragmatic reasons.

When the SS begins to eliminate the Jews in the Krakow ghetto, Schindler tries to protect the Jewish workers in his factory, mainly to keep it running. However, he realizes that this is also saving the lives of innocent people.

The Notebook

This movie is all about a romantic love story that brews between a poor man and a rich young woman. The young lady who falls for this passionate man gets the feeling of freedom from all the usual antics of the rich and powerful.

However, this doesn’t seem to last long as they are both separated due to their difference in social status.

The Gangster, The Cop, and The Devil

First of all, the movie is Korean, and its genre is action, thriller, and crime. However, it is super exciting as a cop has to join forces with a gangster to catch a serial killer. Moreover, this is one of the best movies to stream on BBC iPlayer.

Dark Waters

It is a movie about a corporate defense lawyer from Cincinnati, Ohio, who also works for the Taft Stettinus & Hollister law firm. Soon, a farmer who goes by the name Wilbur Tennant asks the lawyer to investigate the mysterious deaths of animals that happen in Parkersburg, West Virginia.


Another great movie to watch is Divergent. It depicts the tale of a woman who lives in a dystopian society where there are five factions. Once an individual enters adulthood, he or she has to choose a faction and devote his/her life to it.

Tris, the main character, selects Dauntless because they place a premium on bravery above all else. However, she soon discovers that she is just as divergent, and she releases a war that is also a threat to everyone she loves.

Effie Grey

This is a movie about a young and delightful woman who longs so badly to get laid. She also sadly finds out that her husband, who was meant to fulfill that task, did not do so, much to her chagrin.

She is also hopeless in her marriage and searches for a way out. Soon, she falls for an artist, and you should watch to see how it ends.

The Woman in Black

A lawyer man has lost his wife, and he is still grieving badly for her loss. Regardless, he is sent to a remote village to settle the affairs of another deceased person. However, he soon finds out that the villagers are all hiding a dark and terrible secret.

He finds out that the late client’s house is haunted by a woman’s spirit because she is trying to find something or someone she lost. This puts everyone, even the children, in danger.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

This movie was adapted from an actual video game where the main character is a hardcore adventurer who loves exploring caves and such. Still, in this movie, Lara Croft is an orphaned heiress and archaeologist who embarks on a quest to acquire the two halves of an ancient artifact.

This artifact is so powerful that it controls time and must be retrieved before it falls into the wrong hands.

These are the top 15 movies to watch on BBC iPlayer. You can simply stream all these movies and more when you visit the website at https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer. Also, ensure you have your BBC ID to gain access to all these movies and more.

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