Best Apps To Send SMS From PC

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What are the best apps to send sms from pc? Before, the only way that you can send SMS or text is through your phone. However, with the advancement of technology, this can be done from your personal computer. There isn’t a large option for these SMS apps, however, the ones available are very functional.  These SMS apps also enable you to make phone calls from your PC.

Best Apps To Send SMS From PC

With the advent of the SMS app on your personal computer, texting has never been easier. Some of these SMS apps also offer some exclusive perks such as notification and the ability to make phone calls. Some of these apps are free to use while others have a premium version that requires a monthly subscription. This blog post will provide at least seven (7) of some of the best SMS apps for PC.

7 Best Apps to Send SMS from PC

To be able to send SMS from your personal computer, you need SMS apps. These apps offer both the basic version and the premium version. Here are some of the apps:


AirDriod is one famous app for texting on our personal computers. With this app, you will be able to send SMS and texts from your personal computer easily. It is also very fast to set up.  it also has lots of other features such as backup and sync, file transfer, contact management, and the ability to even record screenshots from your computer.

AirDriod is also a strong app that can do several awesome things. It also has a premium version which is paid for a fairly reasonable price.  With the premium version, you will be able to send large files, transfer an unlimited number of files, transfer an entire folder, and also do more.

Price: $4.99

Best Apps to Send SMS from PC PulseSMS

 Pulse SMS is an app that enables you to send SMS from your personal computer. This app works as a free standalone SMS app. You can turn this messaging app into a multi-device SMS app with its built-in browser.

You can also do all the basic stuff such as MMS messages and also responding to text. PulseSMS also enables you to deny list numbers, archive conversations, and schedule messages and it also has dual-SIM support. This messaging app has a lifetime license even though it is quite pricey.

Price:$59.99 / $1.99 per month / $19.99 per year.


MightyText is a very famous option for several people. It also provides the basics such as sending text, viewing notifications, sending MMS, and also alerts you when your battery is low. In the free version, you can send up to 250 texts per month while the pro version which costs about  $6.99 per month enables you to remove the limit for the text and also allows you to see the live notification and also access other features.

Price: Free / $6.99 per month / $59.99 per year.

Best Apps to Send SMS from PC – TextNow

This app is also like the TextFree app. It is a web app that enables you to send and receive messages. However, the service also gives you a random phone number to send text on your personal computer. This is a good idea for people who don’t care about what number the text comes from and for those who have limited texts. There are also some in-app purchases such as phone minutes when you make a call. With TextNow, you can send unlimited texts to Canada and the United States.

Price: Free along with in-app purchases


Join is one of the new apps that enable you to send and receive messages on your personal computer.  This app uses a normal style where you have to install the app on your device and then install the extension on your browser. 

You will also be able to do things in your browser and you can also view notifications, access the Tasker and Google Assistant, share your clipboard between devices, take screenshots, and send files. It is also among the new apps that have a pay-once after the free trial.

Price: $4.99

Best Apps to Send SMS from PC – Mysms

Mysms is not very popular among the others however it is still one of the best methods to send and receive SMS from your personal computer. It also claims that doesn’t need a browser extension before it can work.  It also has an app for Microsoft Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, and iPad. There is also an extension for Chrome.

The basic app also enables you to send and receive SMS from your personal computer.  However, the pro version allows you to access other features. The subscription is much cheaper than the rest of its competitors.

Price: $9.99 per year.


TextFree is a lot different than the rest of the messaging apps. This one allows you to send messages to anyone and you can’t do it from your mobile number. The service also gives you a random mobile number that enables you to text people with it.

To send and receive SMS from this app is totally free. However, if you want to call someone, you will have to pay for the service. TextFree is a good way to send text from your personal computer as long as you don’t have a problem doing it with another phone number.

Price: Free

With any of these apps, you can conveniently send messages using your PC. Now, you do not have to run down to carry your phone whenever you want to send messages as you can now do that conveniently with just your personal computer.

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