Beginner Guide to Facebook Advertising – Create Facebook Business Page

Facebook platform is really wide to our imagination because every day new things are coming up on Facebook. Do you want to know what beginner guide to Facebook advertising is all about? Like the Facebook, advertising guide is created for users who are just getting started to help with everything users needed to know in order to set up the Facebook ads campaign. On this guide, you will find so many answers like this, How to set up a Facebook ads campaign, how to use the Facebook ads manager, and how to get started with Facebook ads and so many.

Beginner Guide to Facebook Advertising - Create Facebook Business Page

Do you know that the beginner guide to Facebook advertising is created for you in eight chapters so you can jump into any section that interest you? If all you wanted is to grow from the Facebook advertising beginner to the experienced ads manager, then go on and read this article because this article is rightfully for you. And I believe that you are going to lean lots of new tip.

Way To Create Facebook Business Page – Beginner Guide To Facebook Advertising

Are you new on this platform, and you are looking for a way to get started for your business to be promoted? Then beginner guide to Facebook advertising is here for you to learn new tips as a beginner and how you can be able to grow your business and to promote your branding. All you have to do first is to create your business page. The step below will land you to your business page.

  • First sigh up to Facebook. Simply go to the Google play store to make your search for
  • Then click on the sigh in to Facebook
  • Follow the detail by proving your email address or your mobile phone number
  • Enter your name, date of birth, password and gender
  • Then click create an account to finish creating your account
  • A code will be send to you through your email or your mobile phone number to confirm your password.

Then after creating the Facebook account, what you are going to do now in order to create your business page, you have to do something by making uses of this step below.

  • Thing you have to do now is to go to log in to your Facebook or go to
  • Then click a page at the top right corner.
  • You will be grated with type options such as local business or place or brand or product and cause of community.
  • Select the type of business you like to create in the Facebook page.

Way To Start Running Facebook Advertising On Audience Network

Are you curious to know on how to run Facebook advertising on your audience network? Then the beginner guide to Facebook advertising when land you to what you are seeking for. All you just need to do is to patiently read through this guide below.

  • Click on the create ads in the Ads manager.
  • Then select one of the audience network eligible objective that is listed above then and go to your ad set.
  • Add your audience and targeting at the ad set level.
  • Then click on the edit placements.
  • What you need to do now, is to select a device type.
  • After selecting click on the drop down on audience network to view all replacement option.
  • Then add your budget schedule and ad creative.
  • Then finally click confirm in ads manager to finish.

Then you can see or edit audience network replacement that is eligible with the creative and objective you choose. Don’t thank me now thank me latter after you have make uses of these steps. We are always at your services thanks for connecting with us.

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