Bad Video Games You Should Avoid

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Video games are meant to be for entertainment purposes only. You can play your favorite video game whenever you feel bored, and you will feel better after a few minutes. However, some video games can have negative implications and have a bad influence on the players and the people around them.

Bad Video Games You Should Avoid

Some games are unsuitable for play in the presence of children, parents, and even spouses. This article discusses some of the video games you should avoid playing.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is a game with a rating of 18+; therefore, it is inappropriate for children. The language used in the game is too strong and sexual. Even though the game is for adults who can play while enjoying Premier League picks, you should avoid playing it, especially if you have children.

The game has a lot of bloody violence. It promotes violence against those who are defenseless and vulnerable. This aspect can negatively impact real life, where people might want to put what they play into action.

Five Minutes to Kill Yourself

That’s right! The name of the game is as stated. You have five minutes to kill yourself. In the game, you take the role of a worker. The worker receives an email inviting them to a meeting. As the worker, you decide you won’t attend the meeting and would rather kill yourself.

This game can promote suicide in society, especially if played by someone who is depressed or has a psychological problem.

Grand Theft Auto V

You should avoid this game at all costs, especially for parents. At all costs, parents should ensure that their children do not play Grand Theft Auto V. The game has too much adult content.

There is a lot of drug and alcohol abuse in the game. Also, being a fighting game, it promotes gang violence. Apart from that, the game has a lot of nudity and strong sexual language.

House Party

From the name itself, the game is all about partying. It doesn’t mean that partying is bad. But the game also promotes other negative aspects of partying.

There is the use of strong and racial language like the “N,” “F**K,” and “P***Y” words. The game also promotes irresponsible drinking, especially with the main character, who blacks out during the party.

The Forest

The Forest can be scary as it is a survival horror game. The characters in the game are scary. For example, some mutants have many legs and arms. Cannibals in the game are naked and can attack the main character at any time.

The game can be traumatizing, especially for parents. We know parents to be very protective of their children, but in the game, the parent has no power to protect their child.

Genital Jousting

The game is too sexual. It is about flaccid penises detached from testicles and anuses. It involves a lot of nudity. In the game, penises penetrate other penises and get penetrated too. Sounds disgusting, right? This is a game that you should avoid at all costs.

Who’s Your Daddy

This is another game you should avoid playing, especially in front of kids. Most importantly, you should not allow your kids to play the game. It might promote lousy behavior among children.

The game has two main characters, a father and a child. The child tries to kill themselves in ways like inserting a fork in an electric socket or drinking cleaning products. The father has to prevent this from happening.


Hatred games are too violent-related and are not appropriate to play. It is rated for adults only. The game was negatively received during its launch and had to be banned for a while due to its violent content.

Saints’ Row IV

The game has a lot of vulgar words. It is also quite violent and might have negative implications for players and those around them.

Heavy Rain

The game has torture scenes. There is also the aspect of robbery with handguns. In this era where crime is on the rise, it is not a good thing to experience such scenes in a game. For someone who doesn’t know about these weapons, they may start having “ideas.”

The game also promotes sexual assault against women, a behavior that we must condemn.


Video games have many benefits, just like the Premier League predictions today, especially for the brain. There are also disadvantages associated with playing video games. If you are not careful, you may be addicted to gaming, and it’s not a good thing.

We have sampled some of the video games you should avoid playing. As you have seen, most of them have similar features, including violence, nudity, and strong language.

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