AWS Console – Features And Benefits AWS Console To Users

AWS console is a management console for a web application, used in managing Amazon Web Services. The platform consists up of an array of services, which a user can choose from, such as information related to Amazon account, like billing. AWS console is designed with an inbuilt user interface, which can be used to perform AWS tasks, like working with Amazon S3 buckets, launching and connecting to Amazon EC2 instances, setting Amazon CloudWatch alarms, and many more.

AWS Console - Features And Benefits AWS Console To Users

Thru the AWS console, customers can manage their cloud computing, cloud storage as well as other resources running on the Amazon Web Services infrastructure. The platform, interfaces with all the AWS resources like Elastic compute cloud, Amazon simple storage service, Elastic load balancing, Amazon Relational database service and AWS Identity and access management.

AWS Console Features

AWS console contains many unique features, to enable a user, make the most of the service. These features allow users to wanting to make use of AWS services.

  • It’s pin service shortcuts, enables you to personalize your AWS experience, as you create shortcuts to the services you visit most often.
  • With the resource group feature, collections of resources that share common tags can be viewed. Users can also streamline the use of the console, by creating a resource group for each application, service, or collection of related resources that they work with regularly
  • Use the Tag Editor feature, to manage tags easily for all resource types, that supports tags in any region. This feature enables you to add tag keys and values to multiple resources all at once. This feature supports global tag search and bulk editing. Making it easy to locate all resources with a particular tag or make tag changes across multiple resources. This is possible with just a few clicks by the user.

These are but some of the features, users get to see and use on the AWS console.

AWS Console Benefits to a User

AWS console provides lots of things for its users. The platform offers users a lot of things to they can benefit. A user can benefit from using the AWS console, in the following ways;

  • Users can manage their account, with an additional advantage of monthly spending monitoring.
  • Every user gets to deploy new applications and also monitor the ones that are existing.
  • Users can adapt to the cloud, by taking advantage of the educational resources, wizards, and workflows provided by AWS.
  • The platform enables each user, to drag and drop services links for a personalized view.
  • A user can also view, and group resources and applications which share tags, and thereafter, use the Tag Editor feature to quickly make changes across an entire resource group
  • With the AWS mobile app, a user can perform operational tasks, from a mobile device

The AWS console is compatible with Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari browsers. With this platform, users can access and manage Amazon web services, using a simple and responsive web-based user interface.

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