Are Banks Open on President Day Holiday?

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President Day also known as Washington’s Birthday by the government is always celebrated on the third Monday of every February. Most schools, restaurants, businesses are always closed on this day. However, do banks open on the President Day holiday? This is a question people ask a lot of people. Are you also on this table? If you are, you are quite lucky.

Are Banks Open on President Day Holiday?

President Day is a federal holiday in the United States. It is a day to celebrate and honor the incumbent and past presidents of the United States. That is why it is very normal for banks to be closed on this day. 2022 President Day is on February 21 Monday.

However, you need to know that not all banks are closed on President Day. It is well known that President Day is a federal holiday but that doesn’t mean all your local banks will not open. It only means that the Federal Reserve System won’t make any transaction or open.

Although most banks will also do the same as the Federal Reserve System and close on President Day, it is not all. So, to know if your banks will be open, you should call ahead of time and confirm if they will open or not.

What Banks Open on President Day Holiday?

If you are a customer who banks at TD then you are lucky. That is because the bank will be open on Presidents Day Holiday. In fact, TD Bank is the only major bank announcing that its United States branches will be open on President Day.

What Banks Are Closed on President’s Day?

Majorities of national banks are closed on President day. Below are some banks who already confirmed their branches will be closed;

  • America National
  • Bank of America
  • BancorpSouth
  • BBVA
  • BB&T
  • Bank of the west
  • Chase
  • Capital bank
  • Citibank
  • Dollar Bank
  • Eastern Bank
  • City National bank
  • Comerica Bank
  • Keybank
  • Hungtington
  • PNC Bank
  • Navy Federal Credit Union
  • PNC bank
  • Regions bank
  • Santander Bank
  • SunTrust – Traditional branches will be closed but the in-store branches will be open with limited services.
  • Union bank
  • Well Fargo
  • US. Bank; note that some branches might be open. So be sure to check with your location.
  • Santander Bank
  • Sandy Spring bank.
  • M&T Bank

If your bank is not above, you can call and confirm from your local branch if they will open on President Day holiday. However, even if your bank is closed on President Day, do not worry. That is because you can do most of your transactions online or through the ATM. Your banks might also have representatives that will answer your calls on the customer service line.

You should also keep in your mind that it is not only banks you should be worried about on President Day. Federal Agencies like the U.S portal service and social security offices will also be closed.

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