Apple Event 2022 – What to Expect At Apple Spring Event

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Apple event is a time of the year people cannot stop talking about. It is the time of the year Apple announces their new apple products. At the event, Apple reveals smart phones that a lot of people love to see. However, in recent times, a lot of people have been asking this question ‘’When is Apple spring event 2022’’?  Yes, unsurprisingly there is an Apple event is coming up this year Bloomberg also claimed that Apple will reveal the iPad Air and iPhone SE at the event.

Apple Event 2022 - What to Expect At Apple Spring Event

The smartphones lots of iPhone lovers cannot stop waiting for with be revealed on this day. The Apple Spring event is coming up on March 8, 2022. And just like we all know apple is not known for hosting an event with just a device. Other possible announcements will be made on this day that we do not expect.

With all the rumors surrounding Apple this year, there will surely be a lot to keep track of. What time does the Apple event start? To know the answer to this question, read this article to the end.

What Time Will Apple Event 2022 Start?

Just like I have stated above, the Apple event is on Tuesday, March 8, 2022.  And the most amazing part is that the Apple event will come in form of a Livestream. It will start at 10 am in the morning California time/6 pm UK time.

You can watch it live on or the Apple TV app. Just add the date to your calendar and do not miss the Apple event 2022. With the live stream, you can see the amazing Apple smartphones.

What Will Apple Launch at its Spring Event?

It is not strange that there has been plenty of prediction related to the products that Apple will launch this season. And if the rumors and leaks are right, Apple could kick-off 2022 with a banger like every other year.

Without much explanation, we are expecting to see the iPhone SE 3, iMac Pro, Mac Mini-Pro, iPad Air, 14in Mac Book PRO with M2, Air pods Pro, HomePod with Screen, Apple Games Console, Apple TV mini at the 2022 spring event.

To know if the predictions are right, make sure you watch the spring event live. And also, Apple can surprise us with a lot more we do not expect on this day. So, we should just keep our fingers crossed and see how the Apple event will unfold.

Apple Event: What’s next?

After the Apple event in 2022, you can now make your pre-order or orders depending on when Apple wants to open its sales to the public. Once the event is over, you will be able to know the Apple product of your choice and you can make your pre-orders or orders online or at Apple local store. Either way, make sure you stream the Apple event 2022 and know the upcoming Apple product of your choice.

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