AffinBank Visa Basic Credit Card – Apply for Affin Bank Visa Credit Card

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Affinbank Visa Basic Credit Card is a card issued by Affinbank. Meanwhile, this Affinbank Visa Basic Credit Card gives cardholders spending habits and it simplifies cash flow management all with just zero annual fee cost. Meanwhile, while you use this Affinbank Visa Credit Card, it has no hidden or additional charges attached to it. Also, with this Affinbank Basic Credit Card, you can help yourself out of credit card debt misery.

AffinBank Visa Basic Credit Card - Apply for Affin Bank Visa Credit Card

Furthermore, Affinbank is online banking that gives its customers access to several banking services like SME financing, Trade Financing, Community Banking, Enterprise Banking, Corporate Banking, Investor Relations, personal banking, and a lot more. Although, you can apply for the Affinbank Visa Card even if you are not part of the Affinbank Bank member. But it will be much easier if you are a member of the Affinbank. However, some other cards that can be found on the Affinbank Visa Basic Credit Card website are:

  • Affin Bank Debit Card
  • Affin Bank world MasterCard Credit card
  • Affin bank Visa signature credit card
  • Affin bank bhp petrol credit card

Affin bank visa debit card, Affinbank gold credit card, and a lot more. You can also apply for any of these up listed cards of your choice. Meanwhile, in this article, we will be telling more about this Affinbank Visa Basic Card as we start from the benefits that will be listed below.

Affin Bank Visa Basic Credit Card Benefits

However, as a cardholder, you won’t only enjoy the Affinbank Visa Basic Credit Card because it has no annual fee charge or because no additional fee is attached to it. Meanwhile, there are some benefits that comes with this card which are:

  • You can make balance transfers with your Affin Bank Visa Card.
  • It has Easy payment Plans. This helps you choose any payment duration of your choice from 6 months to as long as 36 months.
  • You will have to access to the Affinbank Loan.

Also, it helps you earn RM25 on each principal and supplementary card on activation and anniversary date. Also, if you have his Affinbank Visa Basic Credit Card, you get to earn RM50 or 5% of the outstanding amount. Meanwhile, to start taking advantage of these Affinbank Visa Basic Card, you have to apply for the Affinbank Visa Basic Card application by using the card’s application website.

The most interesting aspect about Affin asides from providing credit cards, it also offers Affin bank credit card promotion that includes Golf Privilege for AFFIN Premium Cards, AFFIN DUO Campaign, Supplementary Card Campaign, and lots more.

How to Apply for Affinbank Visa Basic Card Application

Unlike some cards that requires you to be a citizen of a particular country before you can apply for the card. Anybody can apply for this Affinbank Visa Basic Credit Card application. To apply, you need be 18 years and above and your minimum income should be at least RM24, 000. The other steps of applying are:

  1. Go to the Affinbank Visa Basic Credit Card application page.
  2. Click on the green “Apply Now” button to start your Credit Card application.
  • Select the option Credit Card.
  • Fill out your personal information such as:
  • Name.
  • Email.
  • Contact Detail
  • State and Area.
  • Then, click the check box to accept the Affin Bank Berhad terms and Conditions.

Afterward, you can follow the on-screen instruction which will guide you to the process where you can complete the application for the Affin bank payment card.

How to Login to My Affin Bank Credit Card Account

This section is how to gain access to your account. Meanwhile, before you access this section, make sure you have applied for the application in the past. This page won’t work for you if you haven’t applied for the Affinbank Visa Basic Credit Card application. The steps on how to login are:

  1. Go to the Affin bank Visa Basic Credit Card login page.
  2. You can either login as “Business” or “Personal”
  3. After clicking on one, you will be taken to another page.

Enter your username and click on the “Login” button to gain access. With this, you haven’t fully gained access to the Affin bank Visa Credit Card account until you enter your Password. Make sure you don’t share your username/password with any other Affinbank Visa Basic Card unknown user due to security purposes.

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