Ads Manager for Facebook – How to Create an Ads Manager Account for Facebook Advert

What does it mean by Ads Manager for Facebook? If you are interested in running an ad on Facebook. This is the right platform that gives you the right tools to advertise your brands or business. There is no other platform than ads manager for Facebook. Therefore, in this article we will demonstrate everything you need to know about ads manager. In the meantime, ads manager for Facebook is a starting point for marketers that want to join the online social media advertising platform.

Ads Manager for Facebook How to Create an Ads Manager Account for Facebook Advert

That enables you with the right self-services tools to promote and market your business or brands. For every advertiser in the world that want opt-in on the online marketing, Facebook happens to be one of the prestigious platforms with 2.2 billion monthly account users on Facebook. Regarding to ads manager for Facebook enables advertisers runs a campaign and help you locate your current customers, meet new customers, and also meet people interested in your business or brand offer. Learn where to access ads manager.

Where to Access Ads Manager for Facebook Advertiser

As a business owner making use of ads manager for Facebook gives you the opportunity to spotlight your business or brands to over 2 billion users every month. On the contrary, the ads manger is a big marketing cloud and you can locate the platform from various device that’s connected to the internet.

Moreover, this includes ads manager mobile app and the website using either the mobile phone or the computer to navigate the platform. Therefore, in order to access the ads manager, you can download the app from the iOS app store or the google play store. Finally, after accessing the platform you can learn how to open an account with ads manager for Facebook.

How to Create an Ads Manager Account for Facebook Advert

Sometime, making use of the ads manager for Facebook can be simple as well as demanding as you want them to be. But having understand the basis fundamental to run ads give you a self-confident and better knowledge.  Therefore, you need to access the stops and provides the following.

  • Visit and click Create an AD but first you need to login your account on a new tab.
  • Then, choose the right ad objective and fill the option required.
  • Therefore, select your audience in the aspect of what people you want to age to like age, location and other details
  • And choose the demographics, interests and behaviors that best represent your audience.
  • Next, you need to select where you want to run your ad – whether that’s on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network or across them all.
  • Then choose a budget & schedule by entering your daily or lifetime budget, and the time period during which you want your ads to run.
  • Then you need to choose an ad format to show a single image or video in your ad, or use a roomier, multi-image format.

Afterward, you that the review your ad and place your campaign by clicking Confirm. Next you can then add your payment methods for you advert to start running.

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