About Facebook Ads – Advertising on Facebook | How to Advertise on Facebook

Are you new on Facebook, and you do know About Facebook ads and how it works? Like the ads that I want to talk about, come in several varieties. Do you know with the ads user on Facebook can promote their page and also post on your page, actions users took or website itself? Do you know that even Facebook is focusing on native ads and keeping traffic on itself? With ads you can still be successful sending users to your website. Ads are targeted to user’s base on their location, demographic and profile information. One thing you should know about Facebook ads is that must of the options are only available on Facebook.

About Facebook Ads - Advertising on Facebook | How to Advertise on Facebook

Do you also know that after creating ads you can set a budget and bid for each click or millions of impressions that your ad will receive? So the Ads are purchased only for an auction basis, where an advertiser is charge base on clicks, action or impressions. And if you don’t know there are plenty of different ad format offered. One thing about Facebook ads is that users can create and as well publish all type of ads them self. If you ask me how is this possible? It is possible through Facebook services interface or through certified advert. Ads are delivered all across Facebook and some formats are eligible to show on new feed. The ads are very useful and why you should use ads is this.

Why You Should Use Facebook Ads – About Facebook Ads

Do you want to know why some people use ads? like your competitors are using ads in order to increase their business and this is one of the secrete why most of the business holder make uses of Facebook ads and apart from that, there are other way why users use the services.

  • There are active users who are wanting to get ideal for what your business is all about.
  • In other to tell the world the type of business you do and the product you have for them.
  • To promote your business as there over a million user who is currently online.

There are more than just three importance on why you should run your ads on this platform. But one thing you should have in mind is that you are getting value for what you are paying for.

How to Advertise on Facebook – Facebook Campaign

Are you curious to know the actual amount it cost to spend on Facebook ads? I know that there are a lot of people that are looking for a simple answer about this. The amount it cost is a dollar per day that is the minimum you can spend on Ads. That is what a small business starts with. So, lets go on to how to set up Facebook campaign.

  • First thing, to go set some of your goals for your ads.
  • Then head over to Facebook ads manager.
  • After that choose your objective.
  •  Then define your audience and budget.
  • What you needed to do now, is to create your advert.
  • Then choose your ad placement
  • Finally place your order.

Your ads will now go on live on Facebook as you can no reach out to your targeted audiences. One interesting thing I love about this is that users can get to reach out to a lot of users right with their ads.

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