2022 Lunar New Year – Date And Zodiac Sign | Chinese New Year 2022

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It’s here again! Another festive celebration is around the corner. The Lunar New Year which is also known as the Chinese New Year is just a few days away. Lunar New year has been the most important day in the Chinese calendar. And it is celebrated all across the globe with billions of people celebrating with them. 2022 Lunar New Year will be lasting for 15 days and will be starting on the 31st of January till the 15th of February 2022.  The Lunar New Year or the Chinese New Year as it is called starts with a new moon and ends with the lantern festival.

2022 Lunar New Year -  Date And Zodiac Sign | Chinese New Year 2022

Lunar New Year 2022 is celebrated with the Chinese zodiac which gives the New Year an animal to celebrate with. The citizens of China are given a week off from work in order to celebrate the lunar New Year. Lunar New Year is celebrated by the Chinese communities all across the globe. The Lunar new year is called differently by the people who celebrate them like spring festival, Chinese new year,  Tet, Seollal, Chunjie, and so on. However, during the Lunar New Year, there are certain colors of clothes, food, and much more to do during the festival period.

Where is the Lunar New Year Celebrated?

The Lunar New Year is celebrated by Southeast Asian and east countries like Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and China. In these countries, the lunar New Year is called differently and also known in a different way. The Lunar New Year is celebrated by all the Chinese communities all across the globe.

Why are there 15 days of the lunar New Year?

There are 15 days of the lunar New Year because it is used to make a mark the first full moon after the spring festival is celebrated. The New Year is also known as Yuan Xiao jie which means the first night of the full moon. The day is also well known to be the lantern festival day which a reunion dinner will be held with the use of oranges and lanterns which is the main part of the festivity.

What Food Will Be Eaten on 2022 Lunar New Year?

There are some foods to be eaten on the lunar New Year which is believed to bring good luck to the people. The foods are dumplings, spring rolls, niangao, fish, noodles, steamed chicken, fruit and vegetables, sweet rice balls, and Fa Gao.

How to Celebrate 2022 Lunar New Year

In the Chinese religion, there are certain things that are to be done when you want to celebrate the lunar New Year. The following are the things to be done before celebrating the lunar New Year.

  • House cleaning and decoration.
  • Family dinner on new year’s eve.
  • Red envelopes.
  • Fire crackers.
  • Visiting relatives.
  • Folk show and temple fairs.

All things are to be done properly so also is the foods that are to be eaten. Once you have done this they believe will bring good luck itself.

What Zodiac Sign is 2022 Lunar New Year?

The zodiac sign for the Lunar year 2022 is A tiger. The tiger is believed to be strong, brave, and confident. The tiger is the third in the 12 animal Chinese zodiac cycles.

What is the Lunar Calendar Chinese New Year?

The Lunar calendar Chinese New Year is the date decided by the Chinese Lunar calendar. And it is usually based on the moon and sun. The Chinese New Year is usually 21 to 52 days behind the internationally used calendar and the Chinese New Year do changes every year. It falls between 21st of January and February 20th.

What Color is for 2022 Lunar New Year?

The color for the 2022 lunar New Year is the color red which is the traditional color in china. They believe the red stands for good fortune, luck, prosperity, celebration, happiness, and vitality. So, during the lunar new year festive period, the people are usually adorned with red apparel so as to boost luck and also ward off evil spirits.

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